Age: 25 Occupation: Marketing Assistant Location: London, UK    

Name My Fear


I’m afraid of ... speaking up for myself at work.


Understand My Fear


My Fear Trigger... I really love my job – I work for a fashion brand and it’s something I’ve always wanted to get into. My day-to-day life at work is exciting and I love working on my own projects, sitting at my own desk and putting effort in to get the best results. The problem is, I hate having to present my ideas and my results. At the start of every week, we have a team meeting in which we go through what we worked on the week before and what the week ahead looks like. On top of this, we have a company-wide meeting once a month, where different departments are called on to present their results for that period. I have been asked to present on multiple occasions, but have always backed out. I’ve been told during my appraisal that I need to contribute more to the team during meetings, and also to show the company that I am involved. I do go out with people at work for drinks, but only have a couple and usually listen to other people rather than lead the conversation. This has lead to people at work not knowing me very well.

I’ve been told that I cannot progress or be promoted unless I start doing contributing more. I find this a little unfair as my managers know that I am doing really well behind the scenes, it’s just the out-loud contribution I can’t stand. But I guess that’s what I’m going to have to get over if I’m to get where I want in my life…however, I don’t see how I can when I’m so shy and scared of speaking up for myself.

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