We got to interview Nat van Zee, clean beauty consultant and international make up artist who told us how to avoid blue Monday. If you are suffering from Monday blues, continue to read Nat van Zee’s tips on how to deal with it to level up your Monday game…

3 Key Learnings you will gain from Nat van Zee’s interview

  1. How to feel inspired and joyful for what you do
  2. How to start your morning with mindfulness
  3. The benefit of Chi Gong

Beating the Monday Blues

“I think the only reason for someone feeling blue on a Monday is because they are not feeling inspired. When you are passionate about what you do, any day has the potential to be joyful. This does not mean life will be happy all the time. Challenges are a part of every day’s life; they help us expand and grow. Ultimately, they create the person we choose to become.”

“You need to consider the influence of the people you hang out with, and the words you use – Do they lift you up, or bring you down?”

“I think it is also important to ask yourself what matters to you? What makes you feel great? Once you figure it out, the next step is to make sure you schedule time to do what makes you happy. This does not need to take up a lot of time, but it does require you to be mindful of the things you do. You need to consider the influence of the people you hang out with, and the words you use – Do they lift you up, or bring you down? Many people self-sabotage with self-limiting beliefs. If you’re experiencing this issue, it’s time to re-train your brain. I highly recommend everyone read ‘Ultimate Confidence’ by Marissa Peer for personal growth. Follow her advice and you will have no more blue Mondays!” (Laughs)

7:00 A.M. – Start My Morning

“Recently, I have been waking up around 7:00. But if I’m working from home, I like to wake up naturally without an alarm. Once awake, I take a moment to appreciate all the blessings in my life. And then, I like to set an intention for the day and visualise how I want to feel. This feels like weaving magic into my day. Just like athletes visualise for top performance, I will visualise how I like my meetings or work interactions to flow.”

“Next, I brush my teeth and scrape my tongue. This is one of the many wellness tricks I picked up. It helps free my taste buds from toxins. This is a double win as my food tastes better, and it boosts my immune system. Most days, I listen to motivational speakers, especially on an off day. I have learned to care about how I feel because I am the only one responsible for my mood. So, I will ask myself does this mood or that thinking pattern benefit me or not? If not, I will do something to snap out of it, like going into nature or listening to music I love.”

7:30 A.M. – Sing under the Shower

“I have come to realise that my beauty routine is an active practice of mindfulness. It helps strengthen my attention and also activates my senses such as touch, scent, sight and hearing. Singing is a new hobby – I have just joined the Hackney Harmony Choir, so now you can hear me sing whilst I shower! This definitely lifts my spirit and makes me super happy.” (Smiles)

“So, I use Neal’s Yard Geranium & Orange Shower Gel or Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Bar Soap in shower. They are my current favourites. I really cherish the scent that is infused in the products I use. I am a bit of a natural fragrance junkie. The products I chose are usually made with essential oils which impact brain chemistry, well-being and can serve as a powerful medicine. I also adore Abel’s Cobalt Amber and Awake Organic Fire Starter for natural perfume. That perfume’s name alone makes me smile, it certainly ties in with the rebel in me.”

8:00 A.M. – Nat van Zee’s Clean Beauty Routine

“After I get out of the shower, I use body oils such as Weleda Pomegranate Oil or MV Nourishing Oil. Then, I give myself a mini facial massage with an organic facial oil. This can boost lymphatic drainage which promotes our bodies’ detoxification system for healthy skin. A daily facial massage as part of your self-care routine has a positive and calming effect on the nervous system. In terms of product, I am always testing something new. I am now using Tata Harper Retinoic Nutrient Facial Oil and Bybi Supercharge Serum.”

“I am quite minimal with my make-up and often go make-up free. Whereas I have meetings need to attend, I put on Sappho Essential Foundation or Ilia Beauty Foundation which I am currently wearing. Then, I use Couleur Caramel Brow Gel, curl my lashes and put mascara on. Inika, Lily Lolo and Ilia mascara are my current favourites. For my lips, I use Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm or Burts Beeswax Lip Balm that is matt, a rarity to find in naturals lip balm. I love wearing red lipstick! Absolution Theater Red or Kjaer Weis Rouge Amour are my go-to. If I wear nude lipstick, I love Rosetto by Ilia Beauty.”

8:30 A.M. – Chi Gong under a Tree

“Throughout my week, I make sure I have lots of activities that keep my energy high. From Ecstatic dance, to Acro dance and aerial yoga, the choir and I also cycle to get around. I recently adopted this lovely ritual where I do Chi Gong under a tree every morning. It’s a 7 minutes routine that helps you feel grounded. During the movements, I love connecting with the energy of the tree. I appreciate the texture of tree bark, a beautiful canopy of green trees, extending into the blue sky. It’s a Zen moment that makes me appreciate to be alive.”





























9:00 A.M. – The story of Van Zee Beauty by Nat van Zee

“During my trip to Australia seven years ago, I found out about harmful synthetic chemicals that are used in mainstream beauty products. This made me switch to natural, organic and plant-based beauty. For me, that was a big change in direction and certainly not an easy one. I had to test and research a lot of brands before I could narrow down which products would suit my kit, meet my industry standards.”

“I’d say probably 50% of the brands who claim to be natural and organic, are ‘green-washing’ with a few token natural ingredients in a standard synthetic formula.”

Clean beauty is a term that is everywhere and causes a lot of confusion. In essence it means, without any harmful ingredients, but there is no legislation to enforce this and any brand decides what that means for them. Basically, anyone can label a product as natural and organic, as long as it has 1% of natural content. I’d say probably 50% of the brands who claim to be natural and organic, are ‘green-washing’ with a few token natural ingredients in a standard synthetic formula. If you want to buy authentic natural you need to look at the ingredient lists and certification logos to work out what is really in the formula, and how it is produced.”

“So, I launched Van Zee Beauty, a curated clean beauty platform with expert picked products, that will respect your skin, health, our planet and animals. We have done all the homework, checked performance and supply chain. People can truly trust everything we recommend. We also made video tutorials for all skin colour, needs and shows how to use the products. My mission is to empower people in finding healthy beauty products, that work for them which is why I teach one-to-one or group masterclasses, from newbie to professional level how to apply natural products. Since natural and organic products don’t contain silicone, they feel different to ‘normal products’ and require different techniques to apply.”

“In general, anything that’s moisturising such as skincare, foundations, cream colour product, lipsticks, pencils and eye shadows are easy to do in natural beauty. Anything that is waterproof or certain bright colours need man-made chemicals. For example, a 24-hour foundation often has plastic type chemicals that will help to hold it onto the skin so it does not budge. Those ingredients won’t benefit skin or environment. With natural or organic make-up you nourish your skin with real skin food like plant antioxidants, but you will probably need to re-apply it throughout the day.”

11:00 A.M. – A Natural Way to Deal with Stress

“I believe in the 80/20 rule; I try and to eat organic as much as I can. But I also allow myself to have some guilty pleasures from time to time. If you are being strict with yourself, it can cause stress! Stress is the epidemic of our time and plays havoc with our skin and health. If you are really stressed, your body consumes more magnesium, which a lot of people are deficient in. In my wind down routine, I soak in Epsom salt baths, to help my body absorb magnesium via the skin. Better You Magnesium Gel is the one I use. It is also great for sporty people treating with muscle spasms.”





























Find our more at Instagram to see how Nat creates looks for fashion shows, advertising campaigns and editorials: @natvanzee & @vanzeebeauty


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