Is Decluttering Worth Doing It? Does It Really Make You Happier?

Following the popularity of the Netflix show ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’, a recent trend on clutter is seeing people around the world empty their homes of their collected belongings in the name of cleaner living. The show features bestselling author Marie Kondo as she guides you through keeping a tidier home and restricting your belongings to only keep those that ‘bring you joy’ in an effort to minimise clutter in busy family homes.

Marie Kondo visits a series of American homes, teaching families from all walks of life her KonMari method of organising in a bid to reduce and simplify their lives. In short, the process involves first dividing your belongings into sections before navigating through each of the items and keeping only the things that spark joy.

Marie herself says that there is more to cleaner living than just reducing the chaos in your life – it brings numerous health benefits and more, so let’s explore why you should be following the Marie Kondo decluttering method in your home!

An Untidy Environment Affects Your Mood

Living amongst a ton of stuff isn’t just a trip hazard. Research has proven that living somewhere messy or cluttered can impact your mood, making you feel grumpy, down and demotivated. This can start to have a negative effect on other aspects of your life, too, decreasing the quality of your sleep which can cause problems with concentration the next day.

Clutter Can Make You Sick

More surfaces, nooks and corners provide more areas for dust to collect which can eventually affect your health, increasing allergies and irritating asthma sufferers. If you are living in an untidy environment, you are unlikely to be doing a thorough cleaning job, leading to build-up that continuously gets worse and makes you less likely to do anything about it. Another study performed in America saw improved levels of health in individuals with cleaner houses than those with messy homes.

Disorganised Living Creates Disorganised Eating Habits

While just living in a messy house isn’t going to make you fat, there is evidence linking untidy living, in particular hoarding, to poor eating habits most commonly leading to obesity. People who kept tidier homes were more likely to live active lifestyles and eat more healthily.

Being More Organised Can Save You Time

Ever had a morning where you’ve had to rush around trying to hunt something down frantically? If everything has a place and everything returns to its place as part of your daily habits, you are less likely to waste time having misplaced something or accidentally covered something up with other clutter.

A Clean House Can Improve Your Social Life

No-one wants to invite people round to visit when they’ve got a messy home; it’s definitely awkward if you know someone with a tendency to pop over for a cup of tea unexpectedly! While schedules can get away from us and the occasional mess might build up, even spending ten minutes a day tidying up can keep the clutter down and make you feel better about bringing people into your home.

Tidy Home, Tidy Mind, Better Health

Studies show that people who live in cleaner homes and live more organised lives have drastically lower stress levels than people who live untidy or chaotic lives. Avoiding stress is an important part of ensuring positive mental health and contributing to a stronger immune system.

An Opportunity to Give Charity

As we grow and develop, we collect more belongings that we have attachments to, whether it’s clothing, trinkets, toys or gifts. When you regularly declutter, you have the opportunity to donate old belongings that no longer hold the same sentimental importance, giving them a new lease of life in another home. Alongside supporting good causes, this gives us a great mood and self-esteem boost and can make us feel better about ourselves.

Combating Clutter Can Save You Money

If you have bad spending habits, teaching yourself to live a decluttered, minimalist lifestyle can help you break the cycle and stop filling your home with more stuff you don’t really need. You can also arrange a garage/yard sale, take part in a car-boot sale or sell your unwanted belongings online to generate some extra income. Put the extra cash towards a holiday, home improvements, into your savings or simply treat yourself to a nice dinner as a reward for decluttering!

Good Home Habits are Better for the Environment

Think about the amount of useless plastic things that have found their way into our precious oceans over the last few decades. How much of that clutter has passed through your front door in that time, most of it, unfortunately, ending up in the bin? By endeavouring to keep a home free from clutter, you are less inclined to buy harmful products and can instead opt for renewable green products and encourage recycling in your home. Plastic-free movements are on the rise, making it easier to find products and food items with lower plastic use. Next time you head out for a weekly shop, take a look around for plastic-free alternatives or longer-lasting versions of home essentials.

Mental health is a widely discussed topic these days and more than ever, it’s important to focus on practising regular mental cleansing, for example through relaxing during meditation, yoga or practising mindfulness. It’s also necessary to ensure your environment can support positive mental health, which is why you should make it a priority to include both mental health and home cleaning habits in your day to day activities.

If you are someone who tends to put things off or gets stressed at the thought of big tasks, make sure to start putting aside a small amount of time every day to introduce some positive habits into your life. You’ll soon start to notice the benefits of keeping a tidier home and this will quickly spread to more aspects of your behaviour. We hope you found this decluttering advice helpful and don’t forget that a clean, organised home makes for a happy, confident you!

Are you going to try decluttering? Comment below and let us know!

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