Jennifer Margolin, Founder, BYDEAU

Jennifer Margolin, Founder, BYDEAU

Experiencing Monday Blues? Wonder how to overcome the overwhelming feeling and push productivity to a maximum level? Jennifer Margolin from Bydeau shares her secrets on how to avoid Monday blues…

Beating the Monday Blues

“I think what helps me with that overwhelming feeling, particularly when getting through monday blues and a really busy week, is to get my Mondays planned in advance as much as possible. There’s nothing worse than waking up and confronting the uncertain feeling of: ‘Oh my gosh! What do I have to do now?’”

“So, I usually spend either Sunday afternoons or Sunday nights looking at my upcoming schedule; discern what is it that I need to tackle down for the week, what are the key priorities for Monday, and how my meetings look like. I can then get everything prepared beforehand. For example, I would usually go through my Slack channels with my team and say: ‘This is what needs to happen on Monday.’ I think it’s very important to give them a head up as well because they should know what they are expected to do.”

Jennifer Margolin, Founder, BYDEAU

Jennifer Margolin, Founder, BYDEAU
Jennifer Margolin, Founder, BYDEAU















6:00 A.M. – Start My Morning

“During the busiest time of the year – from November to February, I’m up by around 6:00 a.m. I am the sort of person who likes to keep several alarms – but at most times – I’m out of my bed the very first time that an alarm sings. So, it really depends on whether I went to bed too late the night before. The next thing I do when I’m out of my bed is to go and get some hot water with lemon first to help with my digestion, before writing the things that I am grateful for as well as the quick goals in the Five-Minute Journal.”

6:30 A.M. – Mother-Daughter Time

“My daughter will be out in the living room eating breakfast by 6:30 a.m., so I will chat with her for a little while and send her off to the bus. I will then do some emails and take a shower.”

6:45 A.M. – Nourish My Skin

“Lately, I’ve gotten better about including more fruits and vegetables in order to make my skin look better. Besides real food, I have been using The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Boost and The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Powder in the morning; the first one is in a liquid form and the second is a powder. I’ve definitely seen a marked improvement in my skin, because it used to be a lot drier. Being a westerner, I also have rosacea, so it seems to have helped with capillaries as well. I’ve really liked it! In addition, it makes my stomach feel good as well, since it contains probiotic superfoods to improve the digestion system.”

“In terms of skincare products, I love Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. It is very hydrating and has helped significantly in my skin’s dryness.”

7:00 A.M. – Breakfast Time

“So, for my breakfast, it’s been really simple lately. My helper makes very delicious olive bread and it’s like a complete breakfast in itself. I’ll have a few pieces of the bread or raw cut vegetables such as carrots and celery just to get some roughage into my system. It’s easier for me to eat raw-cut vegetables because doing so always lets me eat on the go. But sometimes, if I don’t have the time to eat, she’ll make morning glory or Chinese cabbage, mix it with eggs, and then puts it in a box for me for me to eat it at the office. This is usually how my breakfast happens.” (Laughs)

7:15 A.M. – Just a Half Hour Workout

“If I’m not in a very busy season, I try and work out a few days a week in the morning. So, I’ll just do a half hour workout at home; it’s usually like jump rope, some body weight training and stretching.”

“It just makes my entire body feel good by stretching me out, and there’s a calming effect in it as well.”

“Alternatively, I’ll do Pilates. There’s a trainer I’m going to try in Happy Valley that can actually come to my house and just do Mat Pilates. I have also tried a couple different places outside, such as FLEX Studio in case I want to be part of a group class, or Elevate for one-on-one training. The reason I choose Pilates is because it just makes my entire body feel good by stretching me out, and there’s a calming effect in it as well.”

8:30 A.M. – Doing Less Is the Key to Being More Productive

“Usually, I try and get in the office before 8:30 a.m. because it gives me up to an hour to do a lot of emails before the rest of the staff comes in – just some quiet time and get everything streamlined for the day.”

“In terms of productivity, it’s all about doing less for me. I have a really nice Hermes notebook that I take with me everywhere. Then I like to break it down by day in terms of what needs to get accomplished. But recently, what I’ve gotten better at with my team is that we use Slack, a smart project management tool. Slack is very helpful indeed. We’ve got different channels for different people for different topics. And of course, my team is in whatever topics relating to them. This is basically where all of our communication takes place.”

9:30 A.M. – Busiest Time of the Year

Jennifer Margolin, Founder, BYDEAU“Our busiest time of the year is definitely Valentine’s day. We commenced the planning process way back in November. We started out with a floral design and then went through some iterative designs. The design process usually took us a few weeks to confirm the types and colours of flowers – from mock ups to final prototypes that were eventually shortlisted to put together for an entire collection – Flower bouquets and gift boxes – whilst making sure that we’re not duplicating too many colours, or that we have enough options for the customers to choose from, etc.”

“After that, we scheduled a photo shoot and put the pictures online for all of the designs that we decided to carry for the big day. The next step is that we need to further break it down and ask important questions like ‘How many do you think of this bouquet is going to sell?’ or ‘How long does it take to get assembled?’ From that point on, we need to map out our project timeline in detail, so that everyone in the team is clearly aware of deadlines for each task, and of course, our milestone – thereby creating a convenience, stress-free experience for fun gifting.”

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