Kim Bui Kollar & Thomas Kollar, Fashion Director & Partner, #legend & Mayer Brown - Incredible Two
Work-life balance? Success? Wonder how this ambitious couple Kim Bui Kollar & Thomas Kollas have worked through their career to gain their success they had today. Read more for their story...


Thomas Kollar: When I first started my career as a corporate lawyer, I always reminded myself that I had to keep my eyes on the prize. I realized that it was going to take years of hard work. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so I had to be persistent and consistent with my work performance. I mean, if I continuously thought about achieving goals in a short period of time, my mind would get very frustrated, right? So, what I did was, I used to break down my goals into smaller ones. I have been doing this for over 17 years now. Normally, I go to work and push myself as hard as I can to get through the day, and when I’m done, I celebrate the success of being a very high performer of the day. And every night, I’d prepare myself for the next day and make a to-do list before I go to bed. I find being driven by the lists really helpful to become goal-oriented. Crossing something off is really satisfying! We all feel good about completing a task – it’s an achievement. Kim Bui Kollar: It’s like visualizing a little bit. Thomas: I usually write down at least 10 or 12 things that I need to get done on a daily basis. Do it, then cross it off. One by one! Kim: I like seeing the list being ticked off as well. Thomas: Sometimes, the list could be really, really long. If I am not able to finish any of the tasks, I’d just move it to the next day.

“For me, failure is part of success; success is really understanding how to fail.”

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