Powerful couple Kristina Karlsson & Paul Lacy created a global stationary shop Kikki. K. What is their story behind this brand? They shared their stories on launching the Kikki.K back in 2001... – Career –  Paul Lacy: The answer is a no if you asked me whether selling our home to finance the first store in 2001 (The year of financial crisis) was the toughest decision I have ever made? It was a very easy decision! The reason is that, I was really inspired by Kristina’s dream, which she wanted to open beautiful stationary stores around the world in all of her favourite cities. Honestly, I thought it was a really fantastic idea. Then we decided that we would do whatever we needed to do to ensure the dream comes true. This decision might seem difficult for some people to understand, like I had one good friend say to me, “What are you thinking, this is really stupid!” His argument wasn’t strong enough though. It was only based on fear of not knowing the detail of our dream, or how we planned to make it happened. Of course, I did question my decision a little, but then what he said actually caused me be even more determined on that decision.
“…the roller coaster at that time was mainly just excitement.”
Paul: But only few weeks right before we opened the first store, September 11 Attacks happened. I still remember it was a very scary time because all of us around the world wondered what might happen next. And again, I had a lot of confidence in our ability to do something to make money and buy another house. Kristina Karlsson: The key point is that we actually calculated the risks. At that point, we didn’t have kids and both of us were hard working people, so I think these two factors helped us to make that decision as well.

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