How to Cope With Social Distancing Blues?

We’re super deep into lockdown across the world, and it’s likely that most of us haven’t seen our loved ones, friends and family for a long time. As social beings, that sucks! We naturally gravitate towards one another, and not being able to do that is unsurprisingly affecting many of us. It’s a stressful situation and during a normal tough time, we’d likely rally our dearest around us – but we can’t do that right now. So how to cope with social distancing blues? Dr Wendy O’Connor, a Positive Psychologist and Life Strategist for Women is here to help…    

 1. “I’m struggling with not being able to just pop to a friend’s house, even for a cup of tea. Also with simply leaving the house being limited. It’s weird not being able to just go somewhere.”

    Wendy: It is so strange for all of us! The fact that we have been put under such restrictions not only feels unusual to us, but psychologically it makes us want to rebel against it. The longer we spend resisting and pushing against the reality of current life situation, the more we will suffer. Instead, my recommendation is to ask yourself how you can use your strength of creativity to meet the need of connection and community. Consider going for a nice, long walk with a dear friend (six feet apart of course), or having a catch up session and cup of tea virtually with those you are missing. We can decide how much suffering we endure, and it greatly benefits us to discover ways to adapt in order to lessen the struggle.    

2. “The biggest struggle is the lack of face-to-face interactions, not just with friends but even with people I work with.”


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