Things are uncertain at the moment, and we are all learning to work with our new normal as best we can. Whether being uber productive learning new skills or trying to keep a happy medium, sometimes it can be difficult to find a way to feel safe right now. We asked Brit McQuarrie, Certified Life Coach for ways we can find comfort during these turbulent times. Brit’s journey started several years ago in the health and fitness industry, which lead her on a path to helping to support and guide people on their own journeys, becoming the best version of themselves and finding true happiness within. Here’s what she had to say...    

1. “I miss freedom… I am not able to see my friends! I am not able to eat out whenever I want!”

    Brit: I get it, I do. However, this is something that is completely out of our control. Try changing your perspective from, “I miss freedom” and I’m not able to see my friend’s or eat out” to, “I have been given the gift of time.” Ask yourself, “Was I really that free before?” Honestly, now is the time to find comfort in the discomfort and look at this time as an opportunity to explore all that you’ve been wanting to but never had the time for. When will we ever be given this opportunity again. It’s all about your perspective. Another perspective is to order in, crack a bottle of wine and video call your friends because if you’re reading this right now you have a phone or you have a computer!    

2. “Where can I find motivation? I feel like I have been procrastinating every day since the outbreak.”


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