Lisa Lam - Founder & Lead Brewer - Taboo & Cha

Is having passion really that important? Lisa Lam, Founder & Lead Brewer of Kombucha brand, Taboocha talks to us the importance of passion and why she doesn’t feel unmotivated on Monday anymore…

Beating the Monday Blues

“The signal of Monday blues was pretty wrong when I was still working at Lane Crawford as a womenswear assistant buyer. I enjoyed being a buyer and the job itself is fun, but I constantly felt an overwhelming stress the whole time because of the workload and unachievable sale target. Every Monday we had to be in office, early morning around 7:00 a.m. and prepare the report to be handed. Honestly, I think I even had Sunday Night Blues at that time (Laughs). I rarely slept on Sundays which was certainly affecting my physical and mental health. It made my Mondays worse than ever…”

“…My tip for beating the Monday Blues is really figuring out what your passion is and finding a job that you are passionate about.”

“This is why I truly think the reason people are suffering Monday Blues is because they don’t enjoy their Monday to Friday job; in other words, they don’t do what they love. So, my tip for beating the Monday Blues is really figuring out what your passion is and finding a job that you are passionate about. I mean, you can’t have pain killer to temporarily kill the source of pain, right?”

Lisa Lam - Founder & Lead Brewer - Taboo & Cha

8:00 A.M. – Start My Morning

“I wake up around 8:00 a.m. every morning. Honestly, I can’t get off my bed when the first alarm goes off. I constantly keep hitting the snooze button on my phone like everyone does. Then, I check the news and interesting articles on New York Times while I am laying in my bed. One trick that keeps me awake if I don’t have enough sleep is to watch some funny talk show on YouTube. Currently, I love watching ‘I Love You, America’ by Sarah Silverman. It’s quite funny. But actually, I should rephrase the whole sentence.  I ‘listen’ to the show since I usually do my skincare routine at that time as well.” (Laughs)

“I will force myself to get off the bed regardless of how unmotivated I feel, because mostly I find myself inspired by little things such as testing out new flavour for my brand – Taboocha. So, if you feel dull and unmotivated, you can try experiencing new things to motivate yourself to make your lives more interesting, maybe you can start finding a new passion.”

8:30 A.M. – Breakfast Time 

“For breakfast, I have either oat or sourdough with vegan cream cheese or almond butter. Sometimes, I make healthy smoothies with Kombucha as well. I am a big carbon farming believer, so I try my best to source out vegetable that are made in local farms such as sweet potato leaves. In my smoothies, I add greens – sweet potato leaves, mix it with whatever flavour of Kombucha that I can find in my fridge as a liquid base, and add one banana or passion fruit for sweetness in my blender. It’s very simple and quick.”

“Given the fact that Kombucha has a tasty flavour, I don’t like to add many strong flavoured ingredients to blend it with. But if you want to have healthier smoothies, you can also add Naturya Organic Spirulina Powder, Raw Healthy Organic Black Chia Seeds or Linwoods Organic Milled Flaxseed for an instant nutrition boost.”

9:00 A.M. – Morning Coffee Meditation 

“I am trying to include meditation as a part of my morning routine but I still haven’t managed to achieve that. Right now, I think making coffee as part of my meditation practice, where I can focus my mind on the coffee-making process; inhale the smell brewing from coffee machine and appreciate the taste of every single sip. So, I usually make morning coffee myself with either French Press coffee marker or Hand Drip coffee maker. I also like to use coffee bean that sourced differently from local market or even the place I travelled to.”

9:30 A.M. – First Stop at the Kitchen  

“Normally, my day starts at the kitchen and I will check with brewers before I start any computer works. I don’t have a fixed work schedule for each day but my time is pretty much involved in every step of production. As you know, each bottle of Kombucha is handcrafted and brewed with organic Chinese tea in our in-house kitchen, so that I can make sure the quality of each batch is absolutely perfect.”

“My day also starts with meeting with our marketing team, to discuss preparation work for upcoming events or content brainstorming for posts on social media platform. In terms of creating transparency at work to make better decisions independently, we use Google calendar to map out everything we need to target throughout the week, and we also use Google drive for updating production schedule and marketing calendar to make sure tasks high on the priority list will be completed first. I think it really helps with better communication when everyone on the team knows exactly what they are working towards.”

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