50 Men Define Wife Material Vs Casual Sex Partner

What makes a wife these days? Is she prim and proper, sensible and good in the kitchen? Thinking back to when you were single, are your casual sexual partners much different? Fun and a little slutty? Up for a good time? Can casual sexual partners BECOME wifey material? Or do you stick to people that you DEFINITELY can’t bring home to you mother? Dating is a minefield and what someone would like in a life partner is worlds apart from what someone else wants. We asked 50 men to define wife material versus what they look for in a casual sexual partner.  
  1. “I don’t understand sex partners. If I like a girl and things are going well, why would I stop seeing her? For wife material, she would have to match with me physically, emotionally and financially.” - 30, United States
  1. “I think the level of attention each party gives to the other.” - 27, United States
  1. “The difference depends on why you feel interest in the person. It means there’s something more than physical beauty. I’m the kind of person that thinks the most beautiful curve in a woman is always her smile because it shows life attitude.” - 42, Spain
  1. “A sex partner would be defined as impulsive, hormone-driven, often ending in regrets but somehow leaving you hungry for more. Wife material is the feeling you never experienced before, an inner voice that so strongly tells you that’s the women for you.” - 40, United Kingdom
  1. “It’s a tough one since there are no tags to tell the difference!” - 24, Hong Kong

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