50 Men Define Wife Material Vs Casual Sex Partner

What makes a wife these days? Is she prim and proper, sensible and good in the kitchen? Thinking back to when you were single, are your casual sexual partners much different? Fun and a little slutty? Up for a good time? Can casual sexual partners BECOME wifey material? Or do you stick to people that you DEFINITELY can’t bring home to you mother? Dating is a minefield and what someone would like in a life partner is worlds apart from what someone else wants. We asked 50 men to define wife material versus what they look for in a casual sexual partner.


  1. “I don’t understand sex partners. If I like a girl and things are going well, why would I stop seeing her? For wife material, she would have to match with me physically, emotionally and financially.” – 30, United States


  1. “I think the level of attention each party gives to the other.” – 27, United States


  1. “The difference depends on why you feel interest in the person. It means there’s something more than physical beauty. I’m the kind of person that thinks the most beautiful curve in a woman is always her smile because it shows life attitude.” – 42, Spain


  1. “A sex partner would be defined as impulsive, hormone-driven, often ending in regrets but somehow leaving you hungry for more. Wife material is the feeling you never experienced before, an inner voice that so strongly tells you that’s the women for you.” – 40, United Kingdom


  1. “It’s a tough one since there are no tags to tell the difference!” – 24, Hong Kong


  1. “I don’t think there’s an answer for this from me. You will have to try first. You never know until you try.” – 32, Hong Kong


  1. “For sex partners, simply someone I’d enjoy putting my cock in. Could because of chemistry, like she’s hot and dirty etc. But for wife material, it’s totally different! She would NEED to be someone who I trusted. Someone who had a similar lifestyle, outlook and life goals to me.” – 36, United Kingdom


  1. “All wife materials are also sex partner material, but not all sex partners are also wife material.” – 44, Italy


  1. “So, wife material is someone independent with some shared interests and mutual attraction.” – 24, United Kingdom


  1. “When I am choosing my wife, I need more time to decide, like are you having the same interests, can you get along well together alone (a short trip can tell), always support each other? Whereas, sex partner, all we want is sex.” – 28, Hong Kong


  1. “Depends on how it goes after the first night.” – 30, Russia


  1. “I guess a wife is, among other things, someone you’d love to have a one night stand with for the rest of your life.” – 28, United Kingdom


  1. “Wife material: girl shares her ice cream with me. Sex partner: choose different flavour.” – 26, Pakistan


  1. “Well, wife material would include breakfast and sex partner wouldn’t.” – 27, New Zealand


  1. “Sex partner will be satisfied by pleasure and wife material will be a lifetime of hassle – not needed.” – 30, India


  1. “It’s not about how hot her body is or how pretty she looks, it’s all about if I smile when I see her.” – 41, Hong Kong


  1. “It’s more about feelings. If you’re feeling connected on your sex partner, you can go further. If your core values are also matching you can go for a long run.” – 33, Germany


  1. “Every woman is a potential sex partner and a potential future wife. Depends more which bonds happened to be created.” – 29, France


  1. “Sex partner should just show up; wife material should stay around.” – 33, Hong Kong


        1. “Hmmm…not sure if could define wife material, it usually becomes apparent and not always when I expect it. One night stand tends to be from necessity, discovery or it’s just what the lady is after.” – 37, Australia




  1. “That easy! Kinky vs. Loyal.” – 37, United States


  1. “I think that I would need to talk with the girl to identify which one she is.” – 30, Hong Kong


  1. “I think there’s a lot of overlap.” – 27, United States


  1. “A sex partner requires consent. A wife requires commitment.” – 34, Philippines


  1. “Why can’t she be both?” – 26, Sweden


  1. “Timing.” – 32, Hong Kong


  1. “I don’t think it’s nice to make this kind of definition, kinda sexist.” – 33, Poland


  1. “For both, it’s a mixture of desire, respect and trust. Just the order is different. Respect can be for anything but has to have something admirable. Trust so you feel safe. And desire, well, I think you know about that.” – 42, United States


  1. “I think its lot easier to determine the first than the second. Wife material means the sex isn’t the only thing of interest. If that makes sense.” – 25, Ukraine


  1. “Sex partner is less expensive and more orgasmic than a wife.” – 32, Egypt










  1. “Wife material should be sex partner haha. Sex partner is someone you don’t connect mentally and spiritually as much as a wife. A wife should be the complete package.” – 36, United Kingdom


  1. “Well I guess a good sex partner needs to be really needy and definitely needs to be sort of slutty somehow.” – 26, Australia


  1. “Wife does anal sex. Sex partner does ass to mouth.” – 33, Israel


  1. “A great combo I guess?” – 33, Italy


  1. “I think they are one and the same. It depends on what you’re looking for?” – 32, United Kingdom


  1. “For me, both are about chemistry, shared intentions and communication. Wife material takes more time to suss out and get to know the each other on a deeper level. Sex partner well…that’s pretty obvious.” – 41, United States


  1. “Sex partner is someone that’s more of a friend and you’re cool with each other f*cking other people. Wife material is falling in love and not being okay with her f*cking other dudes.” – 26, Canada


  1. “It’s pretty easy to define. Sex partner could be wife material.” – 28, Hong Kong


  1. “Sex partner means I only care about how they look and they must be clean and not clingy, and that same girl who started maybe as friend with benefits and becomes my soul mate and then the mother of my children as my wife.” – 35, United States


  1. “Well, a sex partner is just pleasure derived from skin to skin contact. A partner is someone who takes that one step further by also providing emotional pleasure and security.” – 27, Philippines


  1. “Material? I don’t define them. You either got one or another but can’t have both.” – 28, Russian


  1. “Sex partner is someone I can chill with and relax and wife it’s someone that can make me better.” – 31, Spain


  1. “Wife material – she looks like the girl next door, doesn’t party a lot and I can take her home to my parents. Sex partner – sexy af I guess.” – 25, United States


  1. “Wife material has sex partner material that’s better than the other sex partner materials.” – 24, Hong Kong


  1. “For me, there are no set criteria for each. It depends on the person and how you build the relationship.” – 32, United Kingdom


  1. “Tough to say really, as long as both people are happy and there’s lots of communication I think that’s the key. I’ve never been married but when it comes to sex as long as the woman is as satisfied as I am.” – 27, United Kingdom


  1. “I think those are difficult to define, it will always differ from person to person. It all depends how well you get along, then sex and marriage will come naturally.” – 36, South Africa


  1. “There would be some kind of overlap with a sex partner and a potential wife. Sex has to be exciting as well as being at ease with one another.” – 40, United Kingdom


  1. “Hmm that’s a tricky one…ideally, very close?” – 33, Turkey


  1. “Well I think wife material should have sex partner material in it.” – 27, India


So it appears that there isn’t any ‘set’ material for a wife! It’s interesting to note that many men said that a casual sex partner could develop into a wife. For me personally, I think it comes down to your intentions. If you’re single and playing the field, not looking for anything more meaningful than a one-night stand, then what you seek may lie in purely physical attributes and a good laugh. If you’re beginning to think that maybe you’d like to settle down, what you value may change – you may try to find someone who has the same interests and values as you and someone that you wouldn’t want to kill after a couple of years!

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