It may not seem like an easy task but there actually numerous ways in which we can take ownership at work. You may have wondered: How can I be more confident in vocalising my thoughts and ideas? How can I be a more influential and effective team player? How could I demonstrate leadership? How do successful entrepreneurs approach challenges and deal with setbacks? And what could I be doing differently to take ownership at work? Here, Mikaela shares with us her insightful advice on thriving and taking ownership at work with a few scenarios given from our readers :-  
  1. “I have some ideas that I want to pitch but I don’t want to sound too ambitious and aggressive…”
  There is nothing wrong with being ambitious. In fact, ambition should be encouraged and facilitated in the workplace. If your company doesn’t do so, I would question whether it is where you want to be or whether that culture and environment is going to serve you long term. But what you should be taking into consideration when pitching ideas is how will it benefit you, the team, and the business. Putting forward a clear and well-thought out business case for why your ideas should be acted upon will increase your chance of that actually happening – give the decisionmakers as little room or reason to say no! And even if worst case scenario your idea doesn’t go anywhere or isn’t viable at that time (I would ask for feedback on why, what your boss would need to hear from you to get a yes, and a timeline to take into account); you will still have demonstrated initiative, professionalism and the pitch will have served as an excellent tool for self-promotion.  
2. “I find speaking up at work intimidating, I’m not confident with my ideas and opinions... What if I get disliked for speaking up?”
  Many people have a fear of or find speaking up at work intimidating. There are often a few key reasons as to why this is the case. Firstly, let’s put things into perspective; if you are feeling this way you can more or less guarantee that there will be at least one other person in the room, on your team or in your workplace that will be feeling just like you do and probably far more!

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