Mira Christanto, Founder, Enhale Meditation Studio

Mira Christanto, Founder, Enhale Meditation Studio

How do you incorporate meditation into your morning routine? Mira Christanto, Founder of Enhale meditation studio talks about her tips of beating Monday blues and how to find your own motivation.

Beating the Monday Blues

“I will have Monday blues when I prioritize work over myself. My mindset will be completely different; all I care about is work, work, and work. So then, I wouldn’t really make time for a morning ritual, which is not good.”

“ I think the main reason is, that what I’m doing for my life is something really meaningful to me, and it actually becomes my Monday motivation.”

“But when my mindset is more about self-care, I will focus on meditation and awareness and have an attitude of gratitude. It makes me feel a lot happier. I think the main reason is, that what I’m doing for my life is something really meaningful to me, and it actually becomes my Monday motivation.”

7:00 A.M. – Start My Morning

Mira Christanto, Founder, Enhale Meditation Studio“Given the fact that I’m a Christian, the first thing I do when I wake up is, give thanks for simple things like how great my sleep was, how comfortable my bed is, or the things I have in life. Sometimes I think to myself, ‘What if I lost an arm or a leg, no matter if I am depressed or not, I’d love to basically have my arm or leg back, right?’ So, I always remind myself to truly appreciate things around me and have more gratitude every day.”

“Another thing that helps me feel more grounded is, I barely have the desire for social media. I actually have to remind myself to check social media. (Laughs) It doesn’t occur to me like, ‘Oh, I want to check Instagram.’ The only reason I check social media is for work.”

“Even with emails, I don’t check them either. I mean, it’s going to be there later as well, so whether I address it first thing in the morning or later, it doesn’t matter. The thing is, I’d rather address three emails in 30 minutes than address one email now, and one email in five minutes and another email in 30 minutes.”

7:30 A.M. – Skincare Routine

“My skincare routine is probably the worst! (Laughs) Like if there is something not required to be done, I’d probably do it. Lots of women have lots of different needs at lots of different stages, but mine is just soap and water, or a Neutrogena face wash that I get at the supermarket.”

“I occasionally use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream if my skin is absolutely dehydrated. Last time, I went climbing at Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa and I forgot to bring a sunblock. It’s the mountain that has five major ecological zones ranging from hot to icy cold. In only a few days, my skin was so sunburned, so crispy, that it was awful. When I was back in the base camp, I immediately put a thick layer of the eight-hour cream all over my face, and in the morning, I basically peeled off my dead layer of skin and my skin was almost healed. I was quite surprised at how quickly that my skin had recovered.”

7:45 A.M. – Breakfast Time  

“I like to have Greek yogurt with granola for breakfast, but the yogurt has to be with no added sugar since the granola I add into is either with honey or syrup. So, I try to reduce the amount of granola to a minimum level, just to give some crunchiness, or if I’m really healthy, I will get Greek yogurt with plain nuts.”

“If I need an extra boost, I will have Alpha Dynamics Activate that is blended with the strongest mushrooms like Cordyceps and Lion’s mane. It is supposed to help with cancer recovery, and it also really helps in boosting performance as well as for the overall immune system. So, I will take it anytime when I need an instant booster for my brain.”

8:30 A.M. – Support Teachers as Much as Possible

Mira Christanto, Founder, Enhale Meditation Studio“With Enhale, there’s no set schedule, like one Monday might be focused on payments, another Monday might be focused on scheduling. But my primary focus is, business development and making sure that as many people as possible understand meditation. I also see my role as really supporting the teachers as much as possible, and since I am not a meditation teacher, I want to make sure they know that I am a big believer in meditation as a part of my responsibility.”

“We all have issues with other people or issues in our relationship with loved ones and it’s all about being totally okay and normal within yourself.”

“So, my mission is, I want people who has a desire for meditation, be a part of the community to find out more about it. I want to help people find peace when they’re going through a lot of drama in life. Meditation helps a lot no matter if it is a relationship trouble or a family drama. The first thing that you really should do is start grounding and centring yourself, like a self-healing. We have healing meditation class and gratitude program as well. I think the first one is more direct when you’re looking for meditation that will guide you in whatever you want to heal. We all have issues with other people or issues in our relationships with loved ones and it’s all about being totally okay and normal within yourself.”

“The other area I find meditation very helpful in, when I am only able to sleep five hours a day. Do you know 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra is meant to be equivalent to two hours of sleep? So, I usually catch up on rejuvenation at the studio to boost my energy naturally.”

11:00 A.M. – Go for a Run

Morning workouts are probably the easiest! Now, being an entrepreneur, your day can be pretty crazy and unreliable. You don’t have the time and you wait until the next day. Then same thing happens and all of a sudden, it’s two weeks later.” (Laughs)

“But recently, I haven’t really been exercising in the gym, I’ve been going outdoors. Usually I’ll wake up and I’ll do some work first, and then I’ll go running maybe around the time before lunch time.”



The Greatest Thing about Being a Morning Person

“I generally feel a lot happier when I am prioritizing meditation for myself in the morning, because if not, how am I taking care of myself going through the busiest hours, right?”

Mira Christanto, Founder, Enhale Meditation Studio

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