Many people have different ideas about relationships and which type of relationships are right for them, especially in terms of romantic relationships. Are you not sure what kind of relationship you want with your partner? Things don’t have to go down the ‘traditional’ route – in fact, there’s many possibilities! Some people don’t even know that there’s any other choice than simple monogamy!


Do you like the idea of branching out of the norm and seeing what else is out there, while keeping your current partner? Or do you feel that you’d get jealous if your partner were to connect sexually or emotionally with another?


What if you’re beginning to get curious about what’s out there, the kind of people you can meet and what kind of relationship will suit you best? Have a look at our ‘menu’ below to see which relationship most gets your juices flowing.



This is the relationship most commonly known as ‘traditional’. This is where there are two people in a relationship, and they are equally emotionally and physically connected to the other person – sometimes, for the rest of their lives.


Open relationships

An open relationship can take its lead from monogamy and have two partners, but this is where both partners know that their partner, in mutual agreement, has other (mostly sexual) contacts or relationships. This can also be known as poly/mono, in that sometimes people who deeply love each other and click on an emotional level make wonderful partners in many ways but do not click sexually.



This is also very similar to an open relationship. However, what differs here is that as well as sexual contact, emotions also come into play. We’ve got lots of information on polyamory here and here. It basically means that unlike an open relationship, where partners may have an agreement to have sex with people outside the relationship but remain committed to loving only each other, polyamorous people are often committed to loving multiple partners.



Which Relationship Suits Me Best?

Genuine love takes hard work – and it doesn’t matter what your relationship structure is! It is possible to create new loving connections and relationships while still working on and growing your current relationship. You might just be surprised at the outcome when you’re radically honest about the hopes you have for your own future.


Don’t forget, this is only a general overview. As well as this, sexuality and relationships can be extremely fluid, dependent on who you’re with at the time. You may enjoy polyamory or open relationships when you’re younger, but then begin craving a monogamous relationship as you get older…or vice versa!


Also – not one size fits all and these are umbrella terms. One person’s polyamory will be very different to someone else’s situation. It’s what works for you and what you’re comfortable with.


A word of advice – make sure you communicate well with your partner(s). It’s really important because without communication, one partner may think the relationship is something it isn’t, which can lead to drama and hurt. If you’re both (all?) absolutely sure of the terms and conditions of your relationships, you can ensure you’re all on the same page.


This article isn’t intended to tell you what to do – only you can know that. What does your heart tell you, or what is your curiosity making you itch to do? Has this given you any ideas? Let us know!

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