Nikita Ramchandani, Founder of Kita Yoga

Nikita Ramchandani, Founder, Kita Yoga

Is it really that hard to be a morning person? Nikita Ramchandani, Founder of Kita Yoga shares with us her morning routine and the benefits of yoga and meditation, something that could inspire you to beat the Monday blues…


Beating the Monday Blues 

“I’m not lying here when I say I’m generally a super happy and energetic person. But of course, there are times when I’m tired and unmotivated, and for me, it’s mainly because of the lack of sleep. I believe that sleep is the most underrated thing. Like last Sunday, I was feeling really tired so, I decided not to work out. I think it’s really just knowing when your body is like, ‘I need to rest now.’” 

“So, I go home early, get into the bed at 9p.m., light a Dimes candle and do some restorative yoga in my bed while listening to a great playlist. Then, read a business book, Relentless by Tim Grover, and go to bed. That’s the most indulgent thing that I do and that reset just gets me going on Monday again.”

5:00 A.M. – Start My Morning

“I wake up at 5 a.m. and the next thing I do is to grab my phone. I look at my email and my messages straight away after waking up. It’s terrible because I sleep with my phone next to me. I wanted to say it’s different – I wake up, do a bit of yoga and do some breathing exercises, but it’s not true and I’m not perfect at all. I really hate it and I’m always like, ‘Why is this happening?’”

“Right after using the phone, I brush my teeth then drink lemon water with Sakara Beauty + Detox Water Concentrates every morning. But in my skincare routine, I don’t really use anything except for Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum on my skin. I think it is fine as long as I wash my face before going to bed or after a workout, which I don’t do all the time.” (Laugh)

Nikita Ramchandani, Founder of Kita Yoga

Nikita Ramchandani, Founder of Kita Yoga

“For my favourite go-to breakfast, I make my own smoothies bowl at home with protein and bananas, and nut butter. Honestly, I think what makes you feel good is the food you’re putting in your body that is nourishing your skin. And yoga helps, too. Whereas you’re using yoga as a functional tool to stimulate certain organs, or do a practice to really get the breathing moving, oxygenating your cells. I really think it’s the yoga combined with what you eat that keeps you looking good.”

5:40 A.M. – Walk Down to The Studio

“I will have a cup of coffee if I have the time for it on the way to work. There’re a few cute coffee shops like The Cupping Room and NOC just down the road from the studio. Anywhere that serves with oat milk, really. I love black coffee with a splash of oat. It’s so good! But my favourite place for coffee is La Colombe in New York where I fell in love with it. I’ll bring the beans back from there – That’s how much I love it!”

6:00 A.M. – First Class of the Day

Most of my classes starts at 6 in the morning. Sometimes I feel like teaching classes is meditative to me, because when you start, you’re sitting there quietly observing your own breathing and just giving yourself a moment to truly feel all of your senses. I am not going to lie,  sometimes it’s the energy that you get from people, or at the beginning of class when you’re setting up the room and the space for people; it is almost a meditation because it allows me to get into it, as well. And I think a great way to tap into a typical meditation is to go through sound healing. So, the beautiful thing we have done in the studio is that I lead a guided meditation session with some music, while one of the teachers will go around and do a sound healing session with her crystal bowl, and another one of the teachers will do Reiki on people.”

“I’m like a go, go, go person and I don’t want to slow down on most mornings.”

“But when people are feeling overwhelmed, I don’t want to go and tell them to go and do some guided meditation. You could turn on Headspace for sure. I think a simple breathing technique that helps. I love to tell two of my friends who used to work in finance to practice breathing exercise called ‘Nadi Shodhana’ – You sit, and it allows you to focus on your breath and it helps you find a space between thought and action. You actually take a pause to realize, ‘why am I feeling that way’, ‘why do I do things like this?’ And it feels so good. I think what’s nice when you’re feeling overwhelmed is to take some time for yourself, to just be away from everything and all you do is be by yourself with your body. I’m not a 10-years-old boy in a chair where I’m sitting and meditating all the time, because I am just a very Type-A person. I’m like a go, go, go person and I don’t want to slow down on most mornings.”

“I’ll do a self-practice really quickly after I teach, like lots’ of chest openers, poses for opening the lungs, and hip openers. Especially now that it’s fall season, the dominant organ for fall is the lungs in Chinese medicine perspective. So, all of my classes have been focusing on the respiratory system and the digestive system. Both of these about taking in things and getting rid of what you don’t need, like opening the lungs and twisting and flushing the kidney. The reason we are doing like this is that I used to practice a certain type of yoga in New York and Chinese medicine and Ayurveda play a role in your yoga practice. This is how we teach now – adding a little holistic element.”

“It sounds esoteric, but as you practically apply it to your body, it starts to feel so good.”

9:00 A.M. – Training Session

“Actually, the way I got into yoga was I used to do a lot of circuit training and HITT training. So, I go to Pure Fitness in Kinwick Centre and do my own HITT session or a weights session. I usually try not go for more than an hour at the gym. And I also love diversifying my workout so sometimes I go for a hike, sometimes I just do a circuit training session myself. If I want to take a yoga class, I’ll come to the studio and take my friend’s yoga class.”

“To boost energy after a workout, I always have peanut butter protein bars in my bag. I don’t advocate protein bars but they are so tasty, they’re made with peanut butter and coconut oil. Or I have a chocolate one that has no sugar in it – It’s so addictive.”

10:30 A.M. – All of Our Collaboration Efforts

“Outside of teaching, I do all of our collaboration efforts. So, I meet with like-minded brands to see how we can collaborate to create experiences for our students. A lot of stuff goes on in the administration like scheduling, making sure we have cool new workshops coming up, updating our website and doing an interview with  the press.”

“I think having a structure helps to maximize productivity. If you’re aimlessly doing things, you’re just using kinetic energy. For me, creating a structure for my week is so important, so I have a schedule for everything. This is also that I make sure I can get it all done, like workouts, meetings, the items I want to accomplish in the week for the business, the new things I want to brainstorm on. I write all that down at the end of the week so that I have a fixed regimen for the next week. Especially when you have your own business, you have to create accountability for yourself.”

“So, for me, it’s all about having that structure and having accountability to yourself. Obviously, there are times when other things will interrupt. Some things for which you have to do firefighting to get them done more imminently. But, it’s all about creating that structure, otherwise, you will think, ‘I can do that later.’”

“I have my to-do lists but it’s disgusting. My boyfriend always makes fun of me, he’s like ‘You’re a programmer! Stop scribbling things on a piece of paper.’ (Laughs) I think it’s so satisfying – My paper is just a jungle of mess, I wish I could say I was more organised. But, in my journal, it’s just a mess and it works for me.”

The Greatest Thing about Being a Morning Person 

“I am able to find a few hours in the day for myself to take a walk or do something outside and just take my mind off things.”

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