KossiexIncredibleTwo - Philippa and Sam Thackeray at their home
Ask yourself before you read… Are you interested in learning more about how womenswear brand founder of Paper London, Philippa Thackeray can inspire other women in business? London is a vibrant, diverse city – discover the importance of leading a well-balanced lifestyle in the capital and take your motivation from Philippa’s success. - Career -  Philippa Thackeray: We (Kelly Townsend and I) built up the launch that happened between April and October in 2011. Right in the middle, I had Zoe (the first daughter)! It was tough at that time because you really don’t know what you are in for before you have your first child. I thought it’d be easy if she slept loads as I could just work around her, but it was quite a steep learning curve because it wasn’t just simple as that. She didn’t sleep that well and it was always a race to get through the schedule on those days. Literally from waking up with her at 5 or 6 in the morning, the phone would start ringing from 8:30 and there were always a million problems to be solved. There were nights when she woke up four or five times, but then Sam also worked from home at that point, so we could share some of the nights if I got too tired. That’s fair enough? Sam Thackeray: (Laughs) Philippa Thackeray: I didn’t really take any breaks. No… Probably only in the first two or three weeks when she was born. But then you could also email people while I was feeding. It’s not something… Sam: There is something you still do (with the new-born baby, Indi). Philippa Thackeray: I meant you don’t have a choice about doing it. You just do it. You don’t really think about how bad it is -you just get on and do it. But when I look back, oh my god that was crazy! Sam: Sometimes we were literally sitting around the kitchen table with laptops and she got sat in between us. If she got sick of us, we’d take her out for a walk and talk about stuff. Philippa Thackeray: Yea! We were like “Can you hold her? I have to make a phone call.” But with Indi, things are so much easier. Sam: NOT until the third. (All laughs) KossiexIncredibleTwo - Philippa and Sam Thackeray at their home

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