How to find your dream job?

When you were younger, did you ever sit and wonder what you were going to be like when you were older? I certainly did, and it’s not until I GOT older that I realised that that dream career wouldn’t just materialise – I had to build it. Realising you’re in control of your own destiny can be a scary thing, knowing you need to challenge yourself and grow to where you want to be. So how do you get there? We spoke to Samantha Yu, VP, Brand & Integrated Marketing at Refinery29 International for tips on how to build your dream career.  

Q: What are the key factors to defining a dream career?

For me, a dream career includes continuous learning and growth through new experiences, undertakings, and interactions that challenge and stretch you; ownership and responsibility over work that’s meaningful to you and in which you take pride; the opportunity to make a lasting positive impact; and respect for your personal space, interests, and growth outside of your work. There are so many combinations of factors that can define a dream job. And those factors may vary from person to person. They may even change for a single person over the course of their career. Perhaps we can check in again after some time to see whether and how my personal factors have changed!

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