How to Ease Relationship Tension In Quarantine?

We totally get it. Being stuck in the same space as one person is TOUGH. Lack of space, breathing the same air and having to constantly come up with new things to talk about twenty-four hours a day can get extremely jarring. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a short while, or if you’ve been together for years, issues can rise – especially when everything is still so uncertain and no one is quite sure what the future holds. We spoke to Joanne Encarnacion, a Womxn’s Life Coach and Editor of GOFITJO for some tips on how to ease relationship tension...    

1. “My relationship is really bothering me – we’ve been together for such a long time and this situation has just made us see we don’t work together well. I’m really sad but it’s right thing to do. Now, how do I get out of this during lockdown?!”

    Joanne: First off I want to acknowledge the hard position that you’re in. Lockdown has given us all an opportunity to reevaluate our relationships and our values. It sounds like you’ve made a firm decision on how to move forward in your relationship, but if you haven’t yet the first thing to do in this situation is to acknowledge the things that are not working well with your partner and bring awareness to the aspects and issues that are not working in this relationship. Then after you’ve brought it to light with your partner, talk through what the next steps are to transition the relationship from romantic to friendship or otherwise. If you are in a living situation with your partner, talk about what strategies you two can create for co-habiting in the space together while you transition into a new living situation. Some things to consider are: time management around space in the home so that you two aren’t interfering with one another’s emotional capacity to be in the same space as each other. The last thing either of you would want is to feel triggered by the presence of one another during this transition. Once you’ve decided a plan to cohabitate during this time and if your next step is to move out or leave I would look into your cities current SIP laws or guidelines around moving. Hope this helps!    

2. “My relationship is strained during lockdown. How can I turn it around?”


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