sexting is cheating

Sexting is Cheating?

Technology these days has made it easier than ever to connect with people all over the world. In the dating world, you can have a full-blown relationship via text very easily. Videos and pictures make it even more easy to have a sexual relationship with someone else, usually known as sexting.

Sexting is the act of sending a sexual message, photo or video to someone else and it is very common – but what if you’re already in a relationship and sexting someone else?!

We took to the internet to ask 50 men whether they think that sexting is cheating. Here goes…

  1. “Definitely yes. Guys who think sexting isn’t cheating are all dickheads because it happens in your mind lol” – 33, German
  1. “I wouldn’t say so. There’s level of cheating but it’s still a mild innocent one.” – 34, Italy


  1. “It depends. If it’s just texting and you never intend to meet the person then NO it is not cheating. It also depends on the context in the message. You know good to practice those sexting skills in case your relationship needs them.” – 28, United States


  1. “Well – not sure it’s cheating but it’s certainly not something I’d engage in if I am committed to someone and on the flip side, if I found out my girl had been sexting with some dude, it would probably be the end of that relationship.” – 37, Canada


  1. “It’s a type of emotional cheating, and probably means that the person is missing something in their relationship and doesn’t know how to communicate that to their partner, so they find ways to fulfil their own needs another way.” – 28, United States
  2. “I don’t think it’s cheating since sexting is not a physical approach? It’s a convenient way to get sexual pleasure. In fact, many men want to cheat but cheating is morally unacceptable in modern world. So, sexting is the least severe approach when it comes to cheating.” – 28, Hong Kong

  1. “Definitely counts as emotional cheating on an intimate level.” – 30, United States


  1. “If that person is my girlfriend who sexting with other guys, it’s a yes!” – 28, Hong Kong


  1. “Nope, only you’re seeing someone else at the same time. Haha” – 32, United States


  1. “No, I don’t think so. I personally think to cheat, you have to actually sleep with someone else.” – 31, United Kingdom


  1. “Absolutely yes, because it’s a beginning to form a relationship with someone that isn’t your significant other.” – 31, United Kingdom


  1. “Maybe? Haha. If you don’t get anything out of it, it’s not cheating.” – 28, United States


  1. “Nope, I don’t think so. Actually, I am in an open relationship with my regular date so there’s no cheating.” – 28, France
  2. “Depends on the context. As in, what were the boundaries set by the individuals? What do they define as cheating?” – 28, Canada
  3. “It would be a yes in my books.” – 29, Russia



  1. “Well…depends on the agreement made in the relationship.” – 32, Holland


  1. “Yeah. I think so. Emotional cheating is still part of cheating. A question of intimacy.” – 32, Canada


  1. “Hmm I think so. I wouldn’t want my partner to sext a random dude all of a sudden. Hahaha.” – 28, Hong Kong


  1. “Depends on what kind of relationship you’re having with your partner I guess.” – 30, Austria


  1. “Yes. Committing to one girl means out with all the flirting with others.” – 29, Holland


  1. “No I don’t think so unless the sex talk is mind-blowingly good.” – 37, Hong Kong


  1. “Yes, if you have a partner. You know, cheating comes first from the mind. If you think cheating is only the act of having sex with someone else than your partner, then you are wrong! Even the idea of thinking having sex with another one, it means you’re not in love with your partner.” – 28, Canada


  1. “I think it should be defined by the couple instead.” – 29, Hong Kong


  1. “I think it depends on your definition of what cheating is. Personally, I don’t think it’s cheating but I also think it’s wrong and you shouldn’t do it if you have a partner. But it’s not as serious as physical intimacy.” – 29, United Kingdom


  1. “Well…it’s sexting with my girlfriend, then I guess it isn’t! Haha” – 31, Bangkok


  1. “If I’d be sexting, it’d probably be more like to practice my skill. So, I guess, that’s not really cheating?” – 38, Dubai

  1. “I guess, sexting is not cheating unless it spells trouble. You know, it’s just innocent fun.” – 38, United Kingdom


  1. “Yeah it is, you have to ask yourself like would you show the conversation to your partner? Or, would you do it behind his/her back because you know deep down it’s wrong?” – 32, German


  1. “It’s not cheating in my opinion. If someone wants to do it, means it’s a need. It’s a desire.” – 28, American


  1. “Hmm…not really since there’s no physical contact. So, it could be just to pass the time.” – 25, India


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  1. “If you think having sex is cheating, then sexting is as well.” – 25, India


  1. “Yes, because it’s being sexual with another person. Sex is more than just physical. Having a fantasy is okay but not sexting. It’s sharing yourself sexually with someone who is not your partner.” – 44, Russian


  1. “Technically yes, you shouldn’t be romantically texting with girls when you are in a committed relationship.” – 35, Holland


  1. “Hmm it depends on whether or not you have an agreement with your partner and/or if you intend for it to go any further than sexting. I suppose it’s not much different to porn.” – 40, United Kingdom


  1. “Yeah it is but I guess it’s not as bad as sleeping with other person.” – 23, Hong Kong


  1. “Not at all if you are not in a relationship. But if you’re in a relationship and the moment that you’re start the contestation with other person sexually, it’s a form of cheating already.” – 28, Thailand


  1. “Well I would consider it cheating if you’re sending sex messages and nude pictures to another guy.” – 45, Iceland


  1. “If you define cheating as only physical sex, then no. If you define it as having more than ‘friendly relations’ with someone else, then yes. I’d say that in a relationship where both parties agreed to be exclusive to each other, then it is unacceptable behaviour.” – 42, New Zealand


  1. “I wouldn’t call it cheating if you are sexting your partner. Otherwise, it’s cheating. Haha” – 26, South Africa


  1. “Yes I think it is but does it matter? Haha” – 27, Hong Kong


  1. “Well it depends…that’s kind of cheating, only if the partner finds out though haha. Also, some couples may have an agreement. Got to take that into account!” – 26, United Kingdom


  1. “Depends on the relationship. In open or polygamous relationship no. For me, cheating is when you have to hide it from your partner.” – 27, Austria


  1. “Well for me, if my partner emotionally attaches or show affection towards the other person, this is cheating.” – 27, Canada


  1. “Yes, it is cheating because it’s not fair on the girlfriend or boyfriend, even if it’s not physical sex.” – 28, Portugal


  1. “For me, I consider it cheating.” – 26, Philippine


  1. “Depends? It can be cheating. Everyone sees things in a different way.” – 41, Brazil


  1. “Depends on how deep down the rabbit hole you go but it is overall.” – 23, India


  1. “Hell yes, if that person is in a relationship.” – 27, Hong Kong


  1. “About as much as watching porn is cheating. But I don’t cheat, that’s all I can say. Haha” – 40, Hong Kong


  1. “Hmm… I think a lot depends on context. I don’t think it’s ‘break up with them’ kind of cheating but it’s definitely ‘talk to them about it and if they do it again maybe there’s a problem’ kind of cheating.’ Also, depends who it is, too.” – 23, United States


Wow! I have to say I’m genuinely surprised. For me personally, sexting is cheating 100%. I feel that if you’re looking for sexual satisfaction in anyone other than your partner, then there is a breakdown somewhere in your relationship that needs to be looked at and subsequently fixed or ended. On the other hand, each relationship is different and each couple may have different boundaries of what cheating actually is. A good way to figure out whether sexting is cheating or not, is to imagine if it was your partner doing it with someone else, without your knowledge. Are you feeling hurt? Or unbothered? I guess you have your answer.

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