Do You Have Somniphobia?

A tight chest, sweating, heart palpitations and anxiety so bad it makes you want to cry. Sounds like the way we feel when we’re watching a horror movie, right? Actually, these symptoms are how someone feels when they suffer from sleep anxiety, or Somniphobia! For most of us, getting into bed at the end of the day is something to look forward to. Not being able to wait until after work when you can change into your comfy clothes and slide in between fresh, clean sheets. Reading a book until your eyelids begin to flutter, drifting off into a peaceful haze of sleep. Unfortunately, it’s not like that for everyone. For someone suffering from Somniphobia, the very idea of falling asleep leaves them terrified.  

What Is Somniphobia and What Causes It?

A person suffering from it may find that they’re unable to fall asleep, despite being exhausted. And when the sufferer does happen to fall unconscious, their rest is often fitful, low-quality and frequently interrupted. People with this condition often have an abundance of stress hormones like cortisol in their system, which further acts to keep them wired and awake. There are many reasons that someone may suffer from sleep dread, with just a few reasons being:   #1. Chronic Nightmares: leaving the person too scared to sleep #2. Fear of Losing Control: the individuals knows they will ‘surrender’ to sleep, and are afraid of not being ‘in charge’ #3. Sleep Paralysis: this terrifying phenomenon occurs when you are wake up in the night, but are unable to move your body at all

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