Stefanï Grosse, Founder & CEO, Monreal London

Stefanï Grosse, Founder & CEO of Monreal London – how she coped with Monday Blues? And what is her successful tips for building a fashion sportwear label? We asked her a few questions on why she doesn’t suffer from Monday blues again…

Beating the Monday Blues

Monday blues is the biggest challenge for most of the people out there. I find that people who don’t have a passion usually have a harder time getting up and wanting to get things done. Generally speaking, people who feel frustrated in their job that they don’t like but they have one thing in common – Fear of change. The truth is, people need to know that they have that superpower to make a difference for themselves.”

“I think sticking to a regular routine does make people happy too, whereas they know they something exciting to look forward to.”

“For me, the workout is the most important thing in the morning, especially on Mondays. It really gets me energized, and of course, it releases endorphins that get you in a positive mood. And also, I think sticking to a regular routine does make people happy too, whereas they know they have something exciting to look forward to.”

Stefanï Grosse, Founder & CEO, Monreal LondonStefanï Grosse, Founder & CEO, Monreal London

Stefanï Grosse, Founder & CEO, Monreal London
Stefanï Grosse, Founder & CEO, Monreal London













5:30 A.M. – Start My Morning

“I get up at 5:30 every day in the morning and have a warm cup of Japanese Sencha tea or sometimes Chinese Jasmine tea. Otherwise, I couldn’t fit in what I want to get done. If I feel like I am unmotivated when I get up, I usually go to take a shower, ideally a cold shower that really freshens you up. For anyone who suffers the same feeling, my best advice is to get out of bed. Everything is worse while you’re in bed. All your thoughts, all your worries coming at you when you’re still in bed. The more time you spending thinking about like, ‘Oh my God poor me. I have to deal with all these things’; the more likely you will make it worse. So, just right into it and deal with it.”

5:45 A.M. – Skincare Routine

“I think my biggest struggle is the circles under my eyes. (Laughs) It’s probably because I am not resting enough, not sleeping enough, and also not drinking enough water. Keep yourself hydrated is very important to the skin and it comes a lot from within. Having said that, I still forget to drink water which happens when I am busy at the office all day, but now, I am trying my best to turn it into a habit so I won’t forget.”

“Other than that, I use organic skincare products that has no fragrance in it. I swear by French pharmacy products such as Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil and Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask. Many of my products are priced mid-range and they don’t have to be very expensive. I don’t believe in big designer skincare brand because that’s actually just branding and no substance. This is why I’d prefer a real skincare company that actually does lots of research and ideally not animal testing which is another thing I care about.”

6:00 A.M. – Planning Is the Key to Success

“So then, I look at everything; what I’ve already done over the weekends, what happened overnight with Asian customers, Middle Eastern customers, and see if there’s anything urgent I need to jump on. Ultimately, I map out my day on the calendar according to urgency and priority. I also schedule my meetings considering who would be the best to work with at the time.”

“Typically, I have five pages in my to-do list and page one has all of my priority tasks and meetings.”

“I write pages of lists on my computer as well. I think creating a to-do list is one of the most efficient tools that people should adopt for better productivity. Typically, I have five pages in my to-do list and page one has all of my priority tasks and meetings. When things are semi-done, you mark them as ‘in progress’ but don’t cross it off because it’s not all done yet. If not, you might accidentally forget the task. I look at my to-do list over and over again during the day and cross of what’s finally done, highlight what and when I need to come back to. It helps me be a lot more efficient and proficient, productive.”

Stefanï Grosse, Founder & CEO, Monreal London

7:00 A.M. – Workout Session

“I love going to Form Studios in Notting Hill. I really like their exercises such as TRX and Pure Core. Pure core is a workout that is similar to Pilates and very good for strengthening and toning your body; you stand on ‘Movement On The Roller’ and balance on it, and then you pull your legs, your arms with resistances. Everything you do is all about core and actually, you will see how little body part can balance.”

“I also go to the gym in our office building as well. That is the most convenient gym; I join a class over there and take a shower before I come into our office. They have all kind of fitness classes like HITT class and spinning class. All of the active classes give me energy the most.”

8:00 A.M. – Breakfast Time

“I usually have breakfast after class around 8 in the morning. I eat porridge and muesli and a big plate of fruit likes berries. In contrast, I eat different things on the weekends; eggs and avocado on toast. I love avocado a lot! It’s so healthy.”

“I think being on a healthy diet does help my brain function properly; I don’t over-think about what’s good for me or why I’ve never done it. I have a balanced diet based on foods that are commonly known to be healthy. I also think I couldn’t really be a vegan or vegetarian because I like everything, and on top of that, I don’t want to really watch out like, ‘Oh! If I don’t eat red meat or chicken, what food I need to eat that is going to make up for not getting nutrition from red meat?’ I don’t want it to be so analytical. I mean, at the end of the day, it should be enjoyable.”

8:30 A.M. – Latest Collaboration Project with Heather Favell

“We have just launched a very cool, fun project named, ‘It’s like this, it’s like that,’ which is a stop motion video. This is basically thousands of individual images pieced together and like a Charlie Chaplain presenting in a modern way. For this project, we worked with a London-based fashion photographer, Heather Favell, and also, a stylist that is art-directed our new collection campaign, Maria Serra. We wanted to bring different things together, so we didn’t use either a commercial model or a sports athlete, and instead, we used a DJ personality named Henri. She is very modern in her look and has an edge to her. She is the perfect, suitable person to work with our pieces – Featherweight Jacket and Racer Leggings. She brings our collection into a modern lifestyle brand, not only an activewear brand.”

“And also, for Heather, the stop motion is different from her usual work and takes her out of her comfort zone. I think with the music, fashion, photography and film that all work very well together as a unit to create something special for our Spring Summer 2019 collection.”

“But in terms of designing the collection, I used to do it on the weekends. It’s impossible to have time for creative process thinking while I’m doing all my emails and everything during weekdays. When it’s “creative” time, I definitely need to turn everything off and I can’t have people around because I really have to be focused to do all the creative-thinking so that I can design something that empowers our customers and make them confident inside out.”

10:00 A.M. – A Pick-me-up Coffee

“Normally, I have a cup of coffee to pick me up and refresh my mind in the morning, so that I can do more work. In terms of being productive, I think I am taking an American approach of looking at things like work more to get more done. I know nobody wants to hear that, but if you work long hours and your productivity level is only 60%, it’s still more than not working, right?”

“But then, you have to find a moment for yourself to refresh your brain and come back to it, such as get some fresh air or even go for a walk. If you need something to eat that boosts your energy, I’d suggest having an energy shot that made of ginger, grapefruit and lemon. Or, you can just eat dark chocolate. A piece of dark chocolate definitely works because it has a little bit of sugar so that you feel like you’re rewarding yourself, plus, cocoa does have an uplifting effect.”

The Greatest Thing about Being a Morning Person 

“I’m most productive in the morning between eight to twelve. Then I get hungry and want to have lunch and get distracted easily after it.”

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