You don’t need me to tell you HOW STRESSFUL 2020 has been so far – and it’s not looking like it’s making any plans to become less stressful. It’s actually Stress Awareness week this week (2nd – 6th November) and I don’t know about you, but I feel like we should all be aware of our stress for a lot longer than a week.

International Stress Awareness Week was created in 2018 to raise awareness about stress prevention. Like other awareness days, it sheds light on those individuals or situations that are often overlooked day-to-day.

We love talking about stress and anxiety management at Kossie – that’s our bread and butter. All we want is for you to be able to be mentally well and strong, living your best life.

This time though, we thought we’d hand over to some of our readers to tell us how they reduce their stress every day.


How We Reduce Our Stress (And How You Can Too!)


Hannah, 28: Kundalini Dance

“I love to dance! I recently got into Kundalini Dance which is a form of tantric dance where you journey through your chakras to release their energy. It’s so fun and how can you feel stressed and sad when you’re dancing! Then I like to eat chocolate as an energy booster!”


Jennifer, 27: 15 Minute Walk in Nature

“To reduce my stress levels, I like to be in nature. Even if it’s soaking wet outside, just being in the elements can massively reduce my stress! I just can’t clear my head when I’m indoors. Even a fifteen minute walk can seriously benefit me.”


Amy, 29: Brownies with Macadamia Nuts

“I know it’s probably not good for me, but I just comfort eat. Not to excess, but if I’m feeling stressed I make an effort to make something for myself that is really indulgent and that I know I’m going to enjoy. At the moment, it’s decadent brownies with macadamia nuts!”


Ellie, 24: Workout Session

“When I used to stress, I used to wallow in it and never get anywhere. It would get on top of me and result in panic attacks and so much upset. I joined a gym and didn’t look back. Of course, I still get stressed, but I can overcome this with a good workout session. Have you ever been angry and then done a boxing class? The best therapy ever!”


May, 26: Therapy

“I actually found that therapy was the biggest stress reliever for me. I used to be in my own head so much and having therapy made sure that I had an outlet to let go of my stress that had built up during the week. Now my therapy block is over, but I still use all the skills I learned during my time there. I would recommend it to anyone!”


Becky 31: Having sex

“I find having sex helps! Although if you can’t be bothered, a good dance works just as well.”


How do you reduce your stress? We’re always looking to grow our community of strong, independent women.


If you’d like to join a really inclusive group, you can join Kossie’s Mental Health Support Group for free, where we share tips and tricks – and sometimes just find out how everyone is feeling! Join today!

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