Are You Stressing About The Future?

Sometimes it can feel like your future is yawning out in front of you, a long path of uncertainty which can freeze you into non-action. It can be easy to stress about the future, especially if you’ve got a stringent five-year plan, and if your career isn’t working out exactly how you planned it. It’s easy to say that you shouldn’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet, but then again, how can you not stress about making decisions each day which could affect the entire course of your life? We spoke to Susan Choi, Stress Management Coach to give us some valuable and actionable tips on how to avoid stressing about the future into your life.    

 1.“I get really stressed about not being a certain body type, especially when I don’t work out on that day. To be honest, I don’t feel confident in my own body. What should I do?”

    Susan: Stress is an emotion that we feel in our body that is caused by a thought, not a circumstance. In this case, it’s not the body type that is causing your stress, it is the thought that you have about your body and what you are making it mean that is causing you to feel stressed. Such as “I’m not good enough” or “Why am I so….”. How do we know that to be true? Because there are millions of people of different body types who all love their body no matter their size because they personalise their body in a different way. In order to build confidence around your own body try answering this question first, “What do I need to believe about who I am?”. When you build a foundation of small, believable thoughts about yourself first, body love will come much more naturally… and surprisingly, you might find that you get to your goal faster! This is because you won’t be met with massive resistance and judgement that often holds us back after each setback when we don’t have a strong foundation for ourselves first.    

2. “I am not sure whether my work is up to my manager’s standard, because he rarely says positive and negative statements about my work. So then, I get anxious about whether I’m good enough…”


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