If, like me, you held your breath on Sunday, awaiting some news of an ease of lockdown - a way out of this strange world we’ve been living in for what seems like forever - and were left disappointed and confused, you are not alone. We’ve now been told we can (and should) go back to work, but not to use public transport. I mean, how does that even work? Most Londoners don’t have a car and it’s not as if we can walk across the capital every day. Additionally, whilst we can cram into offices and head to the beach now, we’ve been told that we still can’t visit our own families in their homes. I don’t want to miss out the puzzlement over face masks too - we are supposed to wear them on public transport and in shops, but not outside and not in schools? It seems counterproductive to me. Shops and buses aren’t the only places you can catch Coronavirus.   Understandably, people across social media are in uproar due to the confusion this has led to, worried about breaking the rules or putting people at risk.  

I just want to see my mum

Salla, 29 said: “It just seems so unfair and odd. It’s like the government is pushing us back to work with no regard for what we really want, which is to see our friends and family. I just want to see my mum; I haven’t seen her for eight weeks!” James, 29 said: “I’m so confused over the whole thing. Do this, don’t do that - then the next day a different message is sent out and we need to learn a new set of rules. It’s been a shambles and it’s taking a toll on my mental health. I am preparing to go back to work and I’m so worried because I’m not sure we are past the confusion and I don’t want to put my own health at risk.   We at Kossie are not here to talk about politics, but we can help you to try to reduce your stress and be your best self, even in the face of these extremely tough, unprecedented times. Here’s how you manage your confusion over the new rules and soothe yourself.  

#1 Breathe it out

There’s so much to be said for breath-work. If you feel the weight of the situation starting to drag you down, try some breathing exercises to ground you and help reduce the physical symptoms of stress, such as increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure. Afterwards, you will feel so much better - promise.

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