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uccessrkmanDeveloping a healthier workplace culture requires long periods of time and energy as an investment. In the short run, companies may actually lose a large amount of money because the management team has to spend a fair amount of time to build a great relationship and team work. The huge question is whether it is worth it to invest?

If you are familiar with the news in regards to the fitness industry in Hong Kong, you must have heard of the toxic workplace such as Physical Fitness – One of their staff has been arrested for pressuring client to join ten years of membership. We talk to Jimmy Leung, who has been in the industry over the decades and founded his own fitness centre – The Fighter’s Club two years ago, one of the most stylish boxing centres in Hong Kong, on why he thinks that the more you push for sales, the riskier the relationship with your team and the less teamwork is going to be.

Nowadays, many corporations try to build a great workplace culture in order to have a sustainable business. But does their business system and set of company policies match what they really value – Putting their employees first?

“If you decide to set ‘putting employees first’ as the company’s value, you must achieve what you have said. Our system here is completely different from other companies, because we don’t work for data-based sales. This means that we can never set unintelligible sales target,” Jimmy explains. Correcting your mindset from sales-driven to employee value is essential in this scenario. “For me, sales are just a number and you have to remind yourself where are the sales coming from? Their loyalty,” he adds.

Mastering the art of management and cultivating a compassionate workplace culture is never easy. “I have to be extra patient and invest my time into building something great as a proof to my ‘bro’”. He says.

More interestingly, he rephrases his fellow as his ‘bro’ instead. “We do treat each other like family.” He says. Given the fact that, the coaches basically face each other more than they meet their own family. This fits in many, many industries as long as we have a 9-to-5 job. “We cannot treat them like a tool that can make us money. They are still human beings who have feelings after all. If we keep treating them like a ‘tool’, whereas they won’t respect us as a leader and this is where to burn the bridges.” He comments.

“We also have a great cultural system whereas if one of us is being unhappy, we will block each other’s schedule for a highly intensive workout.”

But what if the sales start to slow down or cannot achieve where they should be?

Most likely, people will blame each other for not doing their job because this is the easiest way to make themselves more comfortable. “Conversely, I will focus on communicating with the coaches themselves instead,” he says.

Not many companies would do the same, as they think it’s not effective enough to push the sales. So, what would he do in order to solve the problem? The difference is, he will observe why their performance is getting weaker whether it’s their personal life affecting them, or if the training program was ineffective.

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“If their work performance is affected by their own personal life, I’d rather give them a break so that they can reset themselves than pushing them to the edge, because everyone has their own timeline,” he says. “We also have a great cultural system whereas if one of us is being unhappy, we will block each other’s schedule for a highly intensive workout. Most of the times, we surely feel a lot happier after a workout.” He adds.

This is your decision to make whether you want to make a quick money or a long-lasting business relationship.

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