Tapping for Anxiety - Does It Really Work? As cities around the world are now starting to ease lockdown restrictions and reopen, there seems to be another crisis looming large. Mental health. Elevated levels of anxiety are apparent in the UK, for example. “Between 20 March and 30 March 2020,” the Office for National Statistics reports, “49.6% people in Great Britain aged 16 years and over reported "high" anxiety (rating 6 to 10). This equates to over 25 million people.” That being said, we are to face another wave of mental health crisis, one that we may underestimate its power. Whether you are someone already living with a mental disorder or experiencing pandemic-induced anxieties and stress, there are ways to cope with emotional fluctuations as we ease into return to normalcy. We invited Katie Potratz, Hypnotherapist & Coach specialising Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), to talk about the benefits of adopting EFT aka “tapping” when experiencing anxiety of post-pandemic life. Continue reading to see how tapping for anxiety works...  

What Is EFT? How Does It Work?

Commonly known as “tapping,” Emotional Freedom Technique is used to releases blocked emotional energy. “Our bodies run on energy meridians,” Katie said, “think of it like an electrical circuit, and when those energy meridians get blocked, it causes an upset in the body.” And those energy blockages take the form of emotions. “When you feel a negative emotion, your energy is blocked, and you feel bad. But when you are experiencing a positive emotion, your energy is moving effortlessly, and therefore, you feel good.” Like traditional acupuncture, EFT uses the same energy meridian points. Unlike traditional acupuncture, however, which releases energy blockage with a needle, EFT does so by tapping on specific points on the body while thinking about what it is that’s bothering you. “This directs your intention to that specific feeling and allows you to narrow in on that specific energy blockage,” she said. “It seems incredibly simple and it is, that’s the beauty of it.”  

Before Starting EFT: Be Aware Of Your Emotions

Katie described pandemic-induced stress and anxiety as far-reaching considering we’re going through an extremely challenging time that nobody really could’ve prepared for. “It’s easy to fall down a negative spiral when the stress and fear is met with isolation and social distancing. We don’t have the typical support that we are used to in stressful situations,” she said. Becoming aware of your feelings will allow you to use EFT more effectively. So before tapping for anxiety, she recommended you:  
  • Check in with yourself regularly
  • Become aware of how you’re feeling and what thoughts are leading to that emotion
  • Acknowledge that there’s a lot that is out of our hands right now; and
  • Things can be really tough when the effects of this pandemic are potentially life-changing

EFT How-to Guide to Relieve Pandemic-Induced Emotions

Part I

“Using EFT is extremely simple,” Katie said, “and can be versatile to fit your needs.” She suggests going through the tapping sequence from top to bottom for best results. But if you prefer, you can also start with a point that feels most comfortable and tap only on that spot.   Tapping Points:
  • The middle of the top of your head
  • The base of your eyebrow
  • The outside point of your eye
  • Directly under your eye on your cheekbone
  • Directly under your nose, above your lip

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