We’ve written a lot of articles at Kossie, across such a broad range of topics. As we cover so many subjects, we thought it would be a great idea to pull some of our best-loved articles into one place on one subject, to make things easier to navigate for you.

This month, we’re focusing on A-C-C-E-P-T-A-N-C-E.


Why did we choose this word?

Acceptance is something that is so important in our lives, something that we experience trouble with in all aspects of our lives, be that personally or professional. Officially, acceptance in human psychology is a person’s recognition of the reality of a situation, recognising a process or condition without attempting to change it or protest it. However, it’s often not as easy as all that.

Accepting ourselves and our situations unconditionally is difficult because we must give up the thought that if we punish ourselves enough with negative thoughts, we’ll change. It’s as if we think we can whip ourselves into shape by saying things like: I’m weak for feeling any anxiety.

Here are some of our best articles to teach you everything there is to know about acceptance.

  1. If you’re struggling to truly love who you are, this is the article for you: Truly Love Yourself From The Inside Out: Are You Doing It Right?
  2. Not sure where to start with self-love? Try these exercises.
  3. Worried your past is affecting your future? Take a look at how to cope with and accept emotional baggage.
  4. Is social media playing a part in you not accepting your own life? Take a look at overcoming Instagram addiction to be happy with what you have in life.
  5. Learn from a Health and Wellness Blogger how to find out what’s at the core of your frustration to gain acceptance.
  6. Finally, be kind to yourself with these fantastic quotes and affirmations.


What will I learn from these articles?

  • You will learn that acceptance and its journey can come in many different forms. Above all else, you will learn:
  • To live in alignment with your purpose and let go of expectations
  • That ‘likes’ are NOT love, with the right tools and practices, YOU are the one who can provide all the love you need
  • That exploring negative feelings and trying to let go is not easy, but a necessary step. You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it
  • Once you’ve found the root cause, you will be able to address it and give yourself permission to heal
  • That there’s no right or wrong way to love yourself. There doesn’t exist way as to how you should do so. After all, it’s self-love. What matters is how what youdo makes you feel – truly


What’s the most important thing you think you need to accept?

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