Managing the ‘Sunday Scaries’ And Being Present

 “From my own experience, ‘Monday Morning Dread’ usually starts creeping in from Sunday. You may feel this way because there is an unfulfilled feeling, or unhappiness with the job or work itself, in some capacity. Other factors could be poor health, or if you have children and feel torn between home life and work. Importantly, if you always record Sunday as the day before your workweek, which you may dislike, Monday will become the day of blues. You end up building it in your system, bubbling up. So, it’s about resetting. Make Sunday evening as mindful as possible and prepare yourself for the week ahead. Not everyone can do a job that is going to fulfil them completely, try not to give your power away to things you can’t control, by being more present in your work. When works is over, go home and make sure that you enjoy your personal time - making the week and life more liveable.”  

“Preparation for the week ahead really helps to reduce stress and anxious thoughts”

  “Here are some good ideas to create a self-care routine specifically for Sunday evenings, so that you can look forward to this time and enhance your week ahead. This could work by “firstly checking in with yourself to see how you are feeling and then journaling down any thoughts and feelings that arise. Create a checklist for the week ahead, getting everything down and prioritising the to-dos. Then, tidy your living space and organise everything you need for the week ahead. So: outfits, work and food-prep etc. Finally, create a sleep routine that ensures good-quality sleep. This will help you take control back, just by visualising and actioning the week ahead that you want.”  

6:00 a.m. - An Early Start to Expand on My Meditation Practice 

 “Mondays are usually a more relaxed day for me unless I have a corporate or private event to attend. For me, Monday morning is a time to relax, rest and also expand on my meditation practice. If I wake up early, I will carry out a full Reiki treatment, followed by meditation and some sound practice.”

7:00 a.m. – Finding ‘Mindful Moments’ 

 “I am a strong believer in finding ‘mindful moments’. Sipping tea and journaling are some of the great ways to help me feel in flow with the day. I love Rose tea from Gazelli House - it’s excellent for skin and urinary tract infections, and has good bacteria to grow in your digestive tract. It smells divine and is soothing and delicious. Alternatively, I choose hot water with a few pieces of raw ginger. Make the tea-making process a moment for yourself. When boiling the kettle, focus on the sound of it, and take those moments to breathe. While the tea is brewing, concentrate on the scent, and then the feel of the warm cup in your hand. Savour the first taste. The whole process can take only 5-7 minutes, but carving that moment out of stillness for yourself and being present will make a real difference to your day ahead.”

7:15 a.m. - Move My Body and Clean my Space

 “I love to stretch and dance and will try to fit in something more physical, like pilates, a gym workout, or a nature fix at Hampstead Heath. If I have time, I will take a relaxing bath with salts and oils and then catch up with some housework such as attending to my plants, tidying, cleaning and organising my space.”

“We often shallow breathe, and that builds up tension.”

“If I’m feeling unmotivated, I may meditate and journal for longer. I also like to shake off the blues by dancing to my favourite music. This usually will help me get unstuck and back-in-flow. Sharing my feelings and thoughts with my family or my trusted friendship circle helps too.” “Additionally, I practice good breath-work. We often shallow breathe, and that builds up tension. Taking a few conscious slow deep breaths - allows the air and energy to flow, oxygenating the mind and body - it can help you feel calmer and reset the stress systems. (rest and digest) In those moments, you become more present, giving attention to how you feel. During this time, I like to use one of my favourite candles – Oud and Rose by Mama Moon - it is a beautiful scent which helps me to focus.”

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