The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Self Care

Sustainability has gained waves of popularity in recent decades. However, it’s more than a trend, and certainly more than a single day of celebration (Earth Day). It is a way of living, an awareness of our carbon footprints, and an unconditional love for our environment. In the face of Coronavirus, we inevitably depend on packaged services – from disposable masks and gloves, to grocery deliveries. For sustainability newbies like myself, it’s pretty overwhelming. Is it possible to be sustainable during a pandemic? KOSSIE invited Julia Watkins, the author of Simply Living Well and a sustainability influencer, to share how YOU can make an eco-conscious difference – and to give you some sustainable self care tips!    

Quarantine = No More Sustainabiliy?

NOPE! “Sustainability has always been about slowing down and looking for ways to be resourceful,” Julia said. And it’s no exception during a pandemic.  

Here’s what Julia’s doing (and you should too!).


#1 Say NO to food waste

Plan your meals. Eat leftovers. Store produce to make it last as long as possible. If the fruits look a little past its prime, don’t throw it to waste just yet! Freeze it or store it in mason jars and you can use it later for smoothies or cream.  

#2 Try reverse meal-planning

In her house, Julia has a “secret recipe” that she calls “clean out the fridge dishes”. Basically, it’s incorporating past-peak produce or what’s in your fridge to adapt tried and true recipes like frittatas, soups, stir-fries, or pasta sauces. Tip: Start with what’s most likely to spoil the soonest!

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