How important is quality time in a relationship? Can we ‘have it all’? Both successful career and satisfied relationship. The truth is, we only have 24 hours in a day and sometimes, it’s pretty hard to manage a relationship while being a hustler. But can we master time management in a relationship? To make sure we still have a happier and fulfilling relationship with our significant others. With Carolina Zavala, a self-love expert and relationships & intimacy coach, the answer is YES. She’s here with some insights and advice for some of your concerns:-  
1. “I find it difficult to manage a full-time job and side hustle, as well as handling a relationship.”
  Carolina: If you are in a long-term, well established relationship, then it’s a matter of maintaining open communication channels. Making sure you have conversations where you can share what you both need in order to continue feeling loved, supported, cared for and like your relationship is flourishing in the context of a very busy work schedule. This process involves making agreements that honour everyone’s needs, having back up plans for extra busy weeks and clear expectations on how to handle things if things don’t go according to plan. For example, maybe your partner needs more phone calls and you need more organised date nights. You can meet each other needs (if it feels doable to do so) and also agree to communicate in a timely manner when a week or a day is looking busier than expected which may affect your plans, so the other person doesn’t feel not taken care of. I always suggest to all my clients in relationship to have a weekly ritual. This may look like planning in advance a date night where you ask each other simple questions such as "how can I be a better partner for you, how can I love you better, what can I do to make you feel more supported in your life?". This works like a constructive and bonding ‘state of affairs’ type of activity that can lead to a better connection and deeper intimacy. It’s super important to remember that communicating (both speaking and listening) with vulnerability, compassion, and trust is what will help you navigate successfully your relationship and busy work schedule.  
2. “My boyfriend/girlfriend never likes to text me at work. I feel like they are not paying any attention to me at all.”

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