Blue Monday 2020

Do you know that today is officially Blue Monday 2020? Experts have identified that January 20th (aka today) is the Bluest Monday of the year, meaning you will be feeling extra sad and unmotivated today. In this gloomy and cold January, when Christmas and New Year are officially gone, I assume everyone is stuck at work feeling very miserable. Not to mention the next holiday will be in April, which I personally think it doesn’t make any sense at all. To motivate you and hopefully make this Blue Monday 2020 slightly better, we have sum up 5 tips for you to beat this day.



#1 : Spend Quality Time with Yourself

We often focused a lot on spending quality time with our loved ones during festive periods and forgot how we should spend quality time with ourselves. January will be a great time to recover from all the parties and night outs – give yourself some rest! Remember it is important to give some time to yourself alone, schedule things that you enjoy doing. This helps boost your mood and let you re-focus on your goals.

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#2 : Take Care of Your Emotions

January often feels more depressing especially we are finally going back to ‘reality’ (and not to remind you is Blue Monday 2020 today). EFT could be a really helpful technique that help unblock and embrace our emotions if you are feeling low. Having a good mental health state help improve our overall well-being and bring positivity to you and the people around you.

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#3 : Plan Ahead

When we are feeling unmotivated, one of the best thing you could do is to schedule things ahead. This give you more time to plan ahead for important work meetings and to get things done more quickly. This avoid any last minute planning which often leads to lower work performance and reduce any chance of feeling stress and anxious over any unexpected workload.

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#4 : Meditate Regularly

If you haven’t tried meditation, this could be the perfect time for you to start. By simply adding breathing exercise or mindfulness practices daily, it helps benefit with relaxing and calming the mind. It allows you to stop over-thinking and re-focus on yourself. It is a hugely effective exercise you can do at home or in the office, start yourself with a 5 minutes meditation routine each day can already make a big difference!

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#5 : Cut Down on Sugar

Studies have actually proved that sugar can really affect your health and mood. It spikes your energy level and can make you feel more tired. Try avoid sugary food and substitute with fresh fruits or lighter healthier meals. If you are still constantly craving for sugary food, make sure to only eat in moderation and incorporate more healthy proteins which help to manage your food intake which might eventually reduce your sugar cravings.

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