Feeling Anxious Going Back to Work and the 'Old Normal'?

For us in the UK, we’ve been in lockdown since the 23rd March. That’s a LONG time and at first being stuck indoors felt so odd and unnatural. However, they say you can get used to anything. Over the past few weeks, people have settled into a routine and have come to enjoy their personal little bubbles. The world of commuting, work and heavy weekend plans seem so far away, and a lot of people aren’t ready to come out of their new normal and get smacked in the face with reality! We spoke to Maddy Moon, a coach who runs podcast Mind Body Musings to give us some tips on anxiety if you are feeling anxious going back to work and our ‘old normal’.    

1. “I’m still feeling pretty lost! I’m anxious about going back to normal and almost don’t want lockdown to end! What should I do?”

    Maddy: Firstly, know that your fears and feelings have every right to exist. They are valid and they are worthy of recognition. The truth is, this pandemic has brought a lot of underlying feelings and truths to the surface, so you may be experiencing a feeling that’s been there all along — it’s just been buried under a false sense of security, or under a constant hustle to do, do, do. Previously, there was no time to feel your feelings. Now, you’re all up-to-date on the feels and it’s scary to imagine returning to the fast-paced world where you’re constantly engaging with others, getting work done and having to manage your energy levels. When it comes to what should you do, my first invitation is to continue honoring your feelings. Make this your new motto: whatever comes up, make room for it. Make room for all of the feelings: excitement, fear, anxiety, elation, worry, joy. Next, ask yourself the question: What do I need in order to make my return into the world feel good? What do I desire in order to make my return into the world feel good? First, you go into your needs; for example: you need more frequent communication with your boss, you need a nourishing morning routine, you need stronger boundaries. Then, you look at your desires; for example: you desire a spot to sit outside during your lunch break, you desire a healthier lunch, you desire to start working on your side business on the weekends. This will help you feel more empowered in your transition back to a new normal by making use of all that you’ve learned about yourself over the last several months.    

2.I still feel really sad. I don’t want to infect anyone and I’m worried about a second wave of coronavirus. It’s so unfair that people are being silly with the confusing rules when others are paying attention.”


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