The act of getting a little surgery to enhance your features is extremely common in 2020. Procedures that would have seemed intimidating in the past are now able to be done during a lunch hour, with hundreds of packages at affordable rates, or payment plans for ones that cost a little more. But, what is the truth about plastic surgery?

The Norm

The most common procedures we see are breast enhancements, lip fillers and nose jobs. It seems that most Instagram influencers have had a boost here and a tuck there. There are plenty of articles detailing what the Love Island stars looked like before fame.

The most popular is The Kylie Package, which users fillers to enhance the jaw, cheeks and lips, based on the famous Kardashian. Megan Barton-Hansen and Sophie Kasei are said to be big fans.

However, there are also many articles shaming certain people in the public eye for going so far as to look ridiculous. A notable example is Lauren Goodger of The Only Way Is Essex fame. She had extremely drastic facial fillers which made her look absolutely unrecognisable. She then denied that she had had any work done! For about 2% of the population, being extremely critical about their own body is a mental health condition known as body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) – Lauren has since spoken out about this disorder and is dialling back her surgeries.


I can already see I’m in danger of going too far!


Personally, I have had a lip enhancement. I had 1ml injected in February and honestly, the procedure has given me SO much more confidence in the way my lips look. However, as I have had only a small amount, it is unnoticeable as ‘fake’ and my lips still hold their natural shape. I have noticed though, that as time goes by I am paranoid of them shrinking (as hyaluronic acid which makes the filler is absorbed by your body over time). This makes me want to get them done again, despite being told that they look exactly the same as when I first had them done. I feel that I have got used to the new look, and therefore want more to see that change and feel that confidence again. I can already see I’m in danger of going too far! I’ve already done lots of research on what I’d like to do next.


A contradictory world

It seems to me that we are facing contradiction on all sides, through the media we experience. On one hand, we are told that our natural bodies are beautiful, with all stretchmarks, wonky smiles and wobbly bellies being inclusive. On the other, we are bombarded with adverts for laser hair removal, eyelash extensions and advice on how to get a ‘bikini body’ – spoiler alert, you just need to put on a bikini to get a bikini body! It’s hard sometimes to draw the line on what is too much.


What do you think? Are we all in danger of going too far and should stick to our natural features? How far is too far for you?

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