Top 8 Wellness Trends For 2020

Wow, another year has passed and we’re coming to the end of the decade. How much has your life changed in ten years? Mine certainly has, and over time I’ve learned (and am still learning!) how to take care of myself in the best way.

As time goes by, new trends crop up – it’s the same for everything: fashion, music…wellness. As technology and human knowledge advances, there are endless possibilities as to what is on offer for our wellbeing.

From virtual exercise classes and wearable technology, to sustainable style and innovative new relaxation techniques, we’ve rounded-up 10 of the hottest wellness trends to look out for in 2020.


1. Virtual Workouts

You’ve all seen the Peloton advert right? With this bike, you feel the energy of a live spinning class with real-time instructors – all from the comfort of your own home. Virtual workouts are set to take 2020 by storm with inventions such as ‘The Mirror’ – a regular, full length mirror when switched off, but an  interactive fitness studio, when switched on. It streams unlimited classes where you will see yourself, your instructor and fellow ‘class participants,’ as you sweat your way through your chosen routine.


2. Sleep As A Priority

Pop & Rest in Holborn offers busy, sleep-deprived and stressed-out Londoners private peaceful spaces to recharge away from home. The wellness hub rents out specially designed pods, in which you can meditate, ‘sleep on the go’ or simply take time out to clear your headspace. Settle in to your pod for a minimum of 30 minutes, to a maximum of 4 hours for a restorative zone out. Now that’s a little different than having a coffee!


3. Assess Your DNA

Not content with understanding ourselves mentally and physically, the stakes are now increased and we are able to assess ourselves on a much deeper level – by analysing our DNA. Many companies now offer in depth analysis of your DNA, including gut microbe analysis. The results from tests like this can help you make informed and healthy decisions about your nutrition and fitness plans. DNAfit offers insights into the best food and workouts for your body type and sensitivities. Interesting, but pretty invasive, right?


4. CBD Still Going Strong

CBD has taken the world by storm in 2019 and it shows no sign of slowing down for wellness trends in 2020! As well as oils, CBD-infused tea is going to lead the way in 2020 – it has been shown to help people relax, sleep better and relieve stress and anxiety.


5. ‘Ecotherapy’

This is a little more up my street! Ecotherapy is a new concept which refers to any outdoor activity which positively impacts an individual’s health or wellbeing. This can be running, walking, horse-riding – hell, bird-watching – anything that involves getting outside. This is because natural landscapes stimulate or rest the parasympathetic nervous system. I always say that going outside when you feel anxious really helps! I’ll certainly be doing this trend in 2020.


6. Eat Your Greens!

More and more people will continue on their trajectory away from eating meat and will embark on a plant-based diet. Even I have a meat-free day in the week! If you do decide to start this diet, make sure to do your research to ensure you’re still getting the right nutrients and vitamins into your diet. Here’s a round-up of the best vegan restaurants in London to get your started!


7. Deep Breaths…

According to Google Trends, breathing apps have seen a 219% increase in searches in the last few months. Through these apps, we can properly consider our breath (which, despite being the most important action of the body, is often overlooked). Practicing just 25 minutes of breathing techniques can calm the mind, improve cognitive function and boost energy levels, which is one of the reasons it’s so important in activities like yoga. In app form, we can achieve this level of commitment more easily, as practice can fit into our daily routine – whether on your morning commute or just before you go to bed.

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8. Retreats

Where for young people, a holiday once met hitting up the beaches and cheap bars in Europe, we are more likely now to book a health or yoga retreat for wellness. Whilst you can still relax on a sunbed if you wish, these retreats are supposed to have a physical and mental wellbeing on you and use lots of different methods to have you thinking and feeling differently by the end of your stay.


Which one is your favourite? Let us know if you’ve seen any 2020 wellness trends we haven’t listed!

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