Is EFT the Trendiest Stress Reliever! But Wait... What Does EFT Stand for?

Have you heard of the latest trend of self-care in the form of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)? This trend has been skyrocketing in popularity over the last few years and is something we can perform by ourselves in order to unblock our emotions and feel more confident in our abilities. The technique is based on acupuncture and acupressure healing and is considered a type of ‘energy medicine’ that can assist in building your confidence and help you feel ready for a big change or event in your life when combined with daily affirmations. EFT is performed by tapping a required sequence on certain areas on your body with your fingertips.

Why Should You Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques?

Our emotional health is an important part of our overall well-being and if you don’t regularly take care of your emotional comfort, you can find yourself becoming stressed quicker, much less tolerant and more impatient to smaller issues. Over time, this can lead to angry outbursts, creating tensions between friends, family and colleagues and even leading to mental health struggles if allowed to continue unchecked. Emotional stress can happen to anyone and everyone should be able to handle calming themselves down and reassuring themselves, just like learning to self-soothe as an infant.

Why are Emotional Freedom Techniques So Popular?

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a popular exercise due to its ease of ability to learn and perform at home with no equipment or special time required. It can be used to reduce emotional stress, lessen food cravings and help you cope better with feelings of pain, in addition to building your confidence in yourself. Many people have already found success through teaching themselves the self-practice for performing emotional freedom techniques alone in their home, however, there are qualified EFT therapists that help to teach you the correct technique or work together when stress levels are high.

Past Kossie interviewee, Alice Carder, entrepreneur and self-evolution coach, is an advocate for the emotional freedom technique, making it a regular part of her morning. You can read more about how she prepares to face the day here.

What Does Practicing EFT Include?

To practice proper emotional freedom techniques, you need to learn three things – the places to tap, the correct technique for tapping, and a set of positive affirmations that are repeated during the technique.

The tapping technique is carried out with your fingertips. Traditionally, EFT is performed with your middle and index fingers and ideally on one hand, although which hand you use is down to you. However, some modern practices of EFT recommend using all your fingers to tap. This ensures that you are covering a larger area over a specific pressure point, reducing the inaccuracy of tapping and freeing up motion throughout your whole hand.

As the designated tapping points are located on both sides of the body, there is no set pattern to which side you use and it’s perfectly fine to change sides while carrying out your EFT. However, it’s important to use your fingertips rather than slipping onto the finger pads which have a lower number of meridian points than your fingertips and offer less benefit. Don’t forget to remove your glasses and any heavy or noisy wristwear too, as you do not want this to interfere with your tapping process.

When carrying out the tapping technique, it’s important to tap firmly but not enough to hurt or bruise yourself. You should tap between five to seven times in each spot, or enough taps to cover the time you need to make a full breath. The tapping points on your body, starting from the top and working down, are:

  • On top of the head – At the centre point of your skull
  • Eyebrows – Just above the nose
  • Side of the eyes – Where the bone borders the corner of the eye
  • Under the eyes – On the base of the orbital socket
  • Under the nose – In the space between your nose and your lower lip
  • On the chin – Halfway between the bottom of your lower lip and the point of your chin
  • Collar bones – Although labelled the collar bone, this point falls slightly lower and can be found by starting at the U-shaped dip at the top of the breastbone, moving down approximately an inch and then to the left or right by an inch
  • Underarms – This point aligns with a man’s nipples or the middle of a woman’s bra strap, located roughly four inches from the armpits
  • Wrists – The final tapping point on your body, this is found on the inside of your wrists

While these points can be tapped in any order, it’s recommended to follow them down the body, making it easier to remember the process which becomes a muscle-memory routine after a few practice sessions.

Including Affirmation Statements

In addition to the tapping process, it’s important to add in your positive affirmation statements that should be repeated as you work through the different tapping areas. Normally, EFT affirmation phrases are repeated by first declaring your weakness and then stating your belief in yourself, for example:

“Although I have a fear of social situations, I completely accept and believe in myself.”

This is just one arrangement of a positive affirmation statement, however, you can change this up to suit your weakness and what you want to achieve or break through. Other examples of positive affirmation statements include:

“Even though I have [this problem], I wholly and completely accept myself.”

“I accept and believe in myself, even though I struggle with [this problem].”

“I love and accept myself for who I am, even though I have [a problem with this].”

You should use the placements of [this problem] to state your weakness, fear or personal issue. The important part of this statement is speaking aloud what bothers you and then reassuring yourself that you can still love and believe in yourself, even with this seemingly unbeatable issue. Even if you do not believe your positive statement, it’s important you repeat it as a mantra to yourself while carrying out EFT.

After a time, you’ll find that after repeating your positive affirmations and carrying out your emotional freedom techniques, your stress levels start to drop and problems you felt were life-altering before can seem much smaller – if they are an issue at all. Through EFT and positive affirmations, not only do you practice important emotional soothing, but you will build the self-confidence to get out there and seize the day more than ever before.

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