With the coronavirus outbreak right on our doorsteps, life has been a little different lately.

When the first imported case arrived in my city – Hong Kong, my first reaction was anger, as I questioned the patient’s intention, of not being responsible and still travelling when they feel unwell, which is a particularly sensitive matter amidst this unknown virus. I knew that things were going to worsen as soon as we had a confirmed case of the coronavirus, and I’m not entirely wrong about it. People started to take precautions to stay home as much as possible, to reduce the risk of the virus being passed around.  For the first few days, I adjusted my mindset and found things to do at home that motivated me, or helped me kill my time. But as a metropolitan girl who spends 5 out of 7 days a week out in the city, I began to feel restless. I was feeling socially claustrophobic and started to crave the interactions, to see people and to be outside.

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