Currently, one third of the world has entered lockdown mode.  We are all facing a challenge of how to live our everyday life, “home mode”, which has really got us adapting to new ways to keep us functioning.

You’ve been home a few days, and you’re likely to continue this for a while longer, so what do you do when you have all this time at home?

We’re probably tapping our fingers, pulling our hair out, or pacing around the house waiting for time to pass by finishing 10 dramas on Netflix, which may give you momentary satisfaction and a sense of achievement.  And whilst that helps you kill time and entertains you, how about doing something constructive? Whether this “stay at home” period is painful or rewarding, it’s totally up to you on how you want to spend it.

Imagine when you see your friends or coworkers again. They will be asking you what you’ve been doing, will you be saying – oh nothing, you know, just sitting on my bum all day? Or would you want to say: I tried this new routine, and it’s made me feel so much better, or, I finished rearranging my room and finally cleared out all the junk?


Here are some suggestions on how to make your “stay at home” period more meaningful:


1. Develop a Routine

Write down a list of things you want to do for the day, and check them off one by one. It doesn’t only give you a sense of achievement, it also helps you keep track of your progress, and to know when you’re falling behind plans.

You may even take this opportunity to try out a health routine, incorporating a breathing meditation, morning stretch, or evening workout, keeping to a meal plan by eating certain foods, trialing the effect of early and quality sleep on your focus and alertness the next day. These choices are easily within your control while you’re spending 24/7 at home.


2. Fulfill Your Curiosity

I always come across content on the internet that I’d like to read or watch, but don’t have time at that particular moment.  As a result, I end up having a ‘save’ list or ‘watch later’ list of 972 items or more.  And very often, I’d get busy with other things and eventually forget about all these bookmarks.  Lately I rearranged these into categories, and have been revisiting these based on what I feel like reading or watching at the time.

Be curious, explore the world through the internet while we can’t travel right now and see it for ourselves.  There is actually so much content in every genre possible that’s educational. (Some of my favorite channels on YouTube include Vox, Wendover productions, CNBC and the Economist)  You can learn about things that are totally out of your daily scope, such as, how the royals earn money, why there aren’t great white sharks in any aquarium, or whether airlines really make money from their first class products.  While you may not care about these random things, you can pocket interesting facts that serve as some great conversation topics when you need them.

Whatever you choose to do whilst you stay at home, try to give yourself the opportunity to invest your time in value-generating activities, because time can be easily wasted when you’re not paying attention!


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