Food is a wonderful thing. Not only is it our source of fuel to live, it’s also super enjoyable. Whether you’re filling yourself full of colourful fruit and veggies, or giving yourself a treat of ice cream or chocolate, there is no end of yummy variations you can choose. We can also use food to manage our emotions, to make us feel better and more positive. Welcome to our news series, where we speak to experts on the perfect food to keep you happy. This week, we spoke to Nealy Fischer, Founder of The Flexible Chef - a food, wellness, and lifestyle brand that inspires people to thrive despite the pulls of modern-day chaos.  

When I’m feeling ANXIOUS, I eat DARK CHOCOLATE…

“I keep a secret stash at home with my gourmet chocolate bar collections and whip a few squares out when I’m stressed out. The benefits of dark chocolate abound. It improves your mood, reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) that’s linked to anxiety. I try to avoid complex carbs which can further lead to anxiety and turn your mood downward fast.” “Beyond food, meditation or a hot bath are great activities to complement your food choices. In fact, run a bath with magnesium salts and bring some chocolate with you tub-side or a double whammy stress reducer!”

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