We’re on a mission to provide an affordable channel to boost your mental health. So, each week, we’re checking in with our community to see how they’re working on their mental health and their goal towards happiness. We invited to Matilda Patsou, Career Coach to help us some tips and advice on coping with career change.


Q: “I have been in my current job for four years. I am well-loved by my boss and have grown professionally hugely over the years. However, my position and title I find constraining (Admin Assistant). I don’t see it as my forever job, but I do believe I have more to offer. I have had a handful of conversations with my boss about giving and doing more here, but I find there is a level of tension between wanting to offer more, especially around content/knowledge and actually being asked. I work closely with my boss and another colleague and feel like I’m still and will only ever be admin.”

“In short, I feel I’m really kept “back” or “should stay in my lane”. My boss is very flexible and modern and really appreciates all I’ve done and am doing and has said as well, that I have done and am above my “admin role”. I’m very aware this could be perceived incorrectly and through insecurity. I also am really aware I have a good job, and it was a means to end while I finish my degree. I’ve stayed and enjoyed longer and more than I expected, but find myself questioning it all, what I have to offer and what I can do both here in this job and in the future. I don’t know how to shove past this insecurity, if it is insecurity, if what I’m feeling is real or over-analysed, how to move on if I should, when to say goodbye if needed, how to move further in the direction of my future or wring this job dry and learn as much as possible!”


A: “It seems to me that you have grown out of your current role and are feeling confused, which is absolutely normal. You know you can do more, learn more, grow further, but at the same time you are afraid of leaving a secure job.

My recommendation is to take action and start exploring opportunities internally and externally. Even if you are not sure about the next step -no one ever is-, don’t let uncertainty paralyse you. Clarity comes from action.

I suggest you start by asking yourself:

  • Do I feel I have more to offer in my current role? Can I continue learning and developing new skills?
  • If not, can I grow within the company – in a different department? And am I actually interested in staying?

If you decide you want to stay, speak with your boss. If you are ready for a new challenge, then start thinking about:

  • what is important for you in your career
  • what you are good at and what skills you have developed
  • what tasks you have enjoyed the most

Think about the different roles where you can use your skills and do tasks you enjoy the most. Don’t let fear for the unknown stop you from moving forward. You owe it to yourself.” –  Matilda Patsou, Career Coach


If you’re currently struggling with your career path, feel free to reach out to Matilda via Instagram or  find her at brandwisercareercoaching.com.

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