We’ve all been there. We’ve laid out out innermost thoughts and feelings into a text message, letter, or out loud, and the man we’re laying our hearts on the line for says…K. K what? Why is it so difficult to get a straight answer out of some men, and so hard to get them to tell us how they’re really feeling? There is often a stereotype that men are less able to communicate with women and that men are ‘sensitive’ if they are able to express themselves about their feelings. What we want to know is whether that’s a myth, and what the reasons are for men are scared to open out and shut us out. 22% of men we spoke to believe that the reason is due to genetics and that men are just ‘built this way.  
  • “That’s goes with many factors and tendency. But mainly, it’s that traditional views on how we perceive about men. Should be tough this and that.” - 31, South Korea
  • “I think we, as men, need some time to trust women and open the feelings. I don’t want to generalise all people. But there are also different men as well.” - 31, Turkey
  • “Men pretend to be strong but from inside they aren’t.” - 28, India
  • “Because it’s not “manly”?” - 38, United Kingdom
  • “Cause as a man, we don’t want the other half to worry about us.” - 28, Hong Kong
  • “Not all men are scared to open up about their feeling, for example Italians are very open and passionate, maybe Asian men are more closed...it depends about culture but don’t generalise.” - 40, Italy

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