When you’re between partners, or if you’re not looking for anyone special at all, it can be slightly jarring to be surrounded by couples. Whether they annoy you with their PDA or their saccharine sweet pet names, some couples can be a little bit too much. Most of all though, it’s their questioning looks when they ask you, feigning concern: “so why ARE you still single?”.

Those six words can be so frustrating to hear. People usually follow it up with: “Because you’re amazing! Anyone would be lucky to have you!”. Well, sure – you are amazing. But why should you be any less amazing alone? Do you really need someone at your side to appear ‘whole’, when you’re working on being whole all by yourself?

Whether you’re expecting it or not, that question will likely take you aback. So, we’ve put together a few responses to clap straight back!


25 Smart Responses For You To Say When Someone Asks “Why Are You Still Single?” 

  1. “I’m focusing on my career right now.”
  2. “Why are you wasting your life in a relationship you hate?”
  3. “Can we talk about something else? My job promotion perhaps?”
  4. “Everyone I’ve met so far has been very disappointing.”
  5. “Probably because I haven’t found the right person, yet.”
  6. “I’d rather be happy and single rather than unhappy and in a relationship.”
  7. “Not sure, why do YOU think I’m single?”
  8. “I like my own time and I’m not ready to share it.”
  9. “Because *insert hot married celebrity here* is already taken.”
  10. “F**k off!”  
  11. “Why settle for one person when I can date many?”
  12. “I’m far too young to think about things like this.”
  13. “Being single is really fun! You should try it!”
  14. “Honestly, I’d rather be a CEO than a wife.”
  15. “Haven’t met someone who can afford my lifestyle.”
  16. “Fries over guys!”
  17. “I have a PhD in trust issues.”
  18. “I’m playing hard to get.”
  19. “No one deserves me!”
  20. “I seriously don’t have time for babysitting someone else.”
  21. “I don’t know – why do you think?”
  22. “My standards are far too high.”
  23. “I don’t like the pressure!”
  24. “Because you haven’t asked me out yet.”
  25. “I put the *i* in single.”


Can you think of any more? What’s your favourite go-to response?

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