Usually during summer, nights are long with the sun lasting well into the evening, the cocktails are flowing and isn’t it much nicer to go on a date in the blazing sunshine? In the winter, the weather takes a turn and we want to spend less time rushing around to get to engagements and more time wrapped up warm and…snuggling?

This is what we call ‘cuffing season’.

In 2017, ‘cuffing season’ was a contender as ‘word of the year’ in the Collins dictionary as “the period of autumn and winter, when single people are considered likely to seek settled relationships rather than engage in casual affairs”. Essentially, it means that you drop your ‘hot girl summer’ of multiple dates and try to seek a longer term commitment – even if it only lasts until the next summer appears!

So, why do we seek more settled relationships during this time? We found out for you.


Why Do We Love Cuffing Season?

The main reason behind wanting to be ‘cuffed’ (meaning to be ‘tied down’) during the colder months is because you’re spending most of your time indoors and basically don’t want to be lonely! Some say that this is an evolutionary response – as in prehistoric times it was so cold that you needed the company to survive – so it’s practically built it. Personally I can see the logic, but I think it’s mainly because it’s more fun to make a fun hot chocolate and watch the The Holiday with someone else.

Beth, 25 said: “Cuffing comes around far too quickly for me every year then I need to scrabble to find someone! I love dating and I’m not actually ready to settle down, but I usually try to find a partner to spend more time with in the cold months because I hate the dark nights and lack of social life. It’s nicer to share with someone else but I’m not 100% convinced it’s a good idea as none of my cuffing partners have ever lasted past March!”

Sarah, 28 said: “I came out of a long-term relationship last year and spent my first hot summer revelling in the delights of dating apps and casual sex. I loved it! But then these dates started to dry up and I realised that everyone around me was in relationships! I didn’t want to spend winter alone so I found someone who was willing to ‘cuff’ me for the winter. We’re not together anymore but it was fun while it lasted – the worst thing about cuffing season is you usually have to buy them a Christmas present!”


How To Find Someone For Cuffing Season

If you’re starting to look for a winter buddy, that’s great. But first, take a moment to consider what it is you really want before you get in too deep.


  • Do you really want a connection with someone or just sex? You might end up finishing cuffing season early if all you want is sex and the other person starts to annoy you! Maybe a casual fuck buddy is best for you
  • What does the other person want? It’s not fair if they are really into you and think that the relationship is going to go the distance – be honest and up front
  • What if you want to carry on and they change their mind? Just like letting them down, what if you catch feelings for someone who is no longer interested once the sun starts to wake up? Be honest with yourself about how you will cope with that if it happens.
  • What if you can’t find someone? Don’t forget, there are lots of other things you can do to feel close to people. Invite your friends over for that hot chocolate instead for a warm glow


Are you looking for a new partner for cuffing season? Why do YOU think we crave love and attention and company during the colder months?

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