Comparison culture is nothing new. In fact, Theordore Roosevelt said “comparison is the thief of joy” way before we were scrolling through Instagram and wondering how we can keep up with the people who seem to be doing so much better than us. Sadly, when we asked our readers about how confident they were, 95% told us they were stressed about not being a ‘certain’ body type, which made us super sad and want to give you a boost. We caught up with the wonderful Stacie Swift, Illustrator and Author of Amazon Bestseller ‘You Are Positively Awesome’ to help us answer some of your worries. Stacie is a huge advocate of self-care, kindness and looking after your mental wellbeing and her work is inspired by an eventful life, juggling too much, too often and the desire to let you know we’ll be okay - you can get through even the worst days!  

So, How Confident Are You?

1. About Your Lifestyle 2. About Your Body 3. About Your Personality 4. About Your Journey 5. About Your 'Five-year-plan'   Section 1  

...about your lifestyle?

“I always look at social media posts and think that everyone is achieving so much more than me. I feel like I’m seriously falling behind when I see everyone’s new houses, babies and amazing jobs. It makes me unconfident and second-guess my own path”


Stacie says: Social media posts are not the whole story

Next time you are scrolling Instagram, remember that the posts you see are only a snapshot of the full picture. They are a tiny moment in time; they might also very well be edited, or filtered, or shown from a particularly flattering angle. A one-dimensional insight into someone's life, definitely not to be compared to the perfectly imperfect three-dimensional you. If you find you are comparing yourself to people in your feeds, utilise the mute button or take it a step further and unfollow your biggest sources of comparison. Add some more diversity and body positivity into your feeds, celebrating all shapes and sizes can help reframe our view of what we think we 'should' look like.

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