When your team postpones multiple deadlines and their productivity is going down, how can procrastination really be a good thing to a business? And yes, it may sound like a B-A-D thing to many businesses out there, but at Kossie, we operate the other way around. Personally, as a founder, I believe that we all have a limited capacity to achieving a number of tasks in a day. Even though we might be able to push ourselves to finish the task for sure, the quality itself is likely not as good as when we delay a few hours and give ourselves a mini-break. So, without further ado, here’s what our teammates at Kossie thinks about ‘procrastination’ and why it actually helps us as a team to be more productive than ever.  

Karen Chung, Founder & CEO

Thinking About ‘Procrastination’ 

“Honestly, I don’t really like the feeling of procrastinating because I am a Type-A person which means I wanted to stay on top of everything. So typically, on a Monday to Wednesday, I am able to achieve as much as I wanted to; but in contrast, on a Thursday to Friday, my energy level goes super low and sometimes (I am not going to lie here), I am unable to think clearly or find hard to concentrate between tasks.” “As much as I hate that feeling, I also remind myself that it’s okay to be unproductive. So, I would tell myself, ‘Don’t fight and let it be!’ So, I usually go for a quick walk and let my brain breathe. It really helps me to get pass procrastination.”

Why Procrastination Is Good & Why It Helps?

“I want everyone on my team to feel being valued and being treated as a human, not a robot. I mean, if all of my teammate is generally happy and feel satisfied about their job, their productivity is going to be on the top for 100%.”    

Ella Delancey, Editorial Team

Thinking About ‘Procrastination’

“I am the kind of person that really likes to be on top of her to-do list. I sometimes give myself too much to do and stress myself out over it, which means I need to dial it back slightly. To that end, I do try to avoid as much procrastination as possible, because giving myself less time for a task will stress me out even more! However, there are times when a task is intimidating to me and I feel like I’m not good enough to complete it, leading me to procrastinate over it and waste time. When this happens, I know in my head I need to complete the task anyway - and I do it within the deadline - showing myself that I could have done it much sooner! A frustrating process, maybe I should have some more faith in myself!” “Sometimes I find it helpful to front-load my week - i.e. have Monday-Wednesday with no excuses, get everything done, which then allows me to have a slower end to the week, going into the weekend.”

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