4 Ways To Stop Feeling Guilty About Feeling Sad

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I was very concerned about our wedding plans which we were told may need to be postponed. Spoiler alert - the wedding is postponed. I spent days and days crying, unable to move with anxiety, not being able to sleep, not eating. It wasn’t just me, though. People were having to cancel birthday parties, work conferences, family reunions, music events and in some cases, even funerals. Most of these things are salvageable, and it’s only some added time before they can take place. I’m feeling a little better now, but something I really struggled with was the GUILT I felt. Every morning I awoke to headlines about hundreds and thousands of people suffering from Coronavirus, and even dying. People are displaced all over the world, not in their home countries, and losing money through jobs that have dried up. What right did I have worrying over a wedding? When there is so much awfulness in the world, surely it’s unfair to feel sad when other people are going through much worse? Well no, actually, it’s not.  

Why We Don’t Need to Feel Bad About Feeling Bad

‘People have it worse’ or ‘My friend has been through much worse, and they’re fine’ and ‘I should just suck it up’. Don’t forget though that you’re not living someone else’s life - you’re living yours. Although you can see things from someone else’s perspective, you can only experience, and live through your own situation. Just because someone else’s situation is relatively ‘worse’, your feelings are not invalidated and nor should you let them be.   Here’s a few ways to help stop feeling guilty when you feel sad because of your situation:-  

#1 Don’t Compare Your Situation

Flip this situation on its head. If someone was having a happier time than you, does that mean you shouldn’t be able to feel happy as well? Of course not! We are all on our own journeys, and the things that happen to us teach us lessons and build character. Comparing yourself to others is a surefire way to increase guilt. Relatively speaking, you don’t have much control over someone else’s timeline - only yours, so focus on that.

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