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Kossie is your ultimate online destination for everything that makes you, you – ranging from health and wellness to business, career and lifestyle. Whether you are a recent graduate, a young woman looking to climb the career ladder or a professional searching for some motivation and inspiration, Kossie can help you realise your goals.

As a London lifestyle blogger, Kossie is your go-to guide for life in the capital. Open yourself up to all the possibilities that daily life can offer you and get the most out of every day, maximising your productivity without compromising your wellbeing.

No matter where your roots lie, it’s undeniable that this is a city filled with confident, aspirational women. Independent magazines portray the London lifestyle in a way which is realistically attainable and true to life, providing the perfect way to celebrate life in this wonderful, vibrant city.

Kossie showcases the very best of London culture and everything that the city stands for, presenting a carefully chosen selection of articles, interviews and content across all genres. Wellness and positivity are at the core of the Kossie ethos; it is these influences which drive us forward to success each and every day.

Many London lifestyle magazines feature only certain topics, but Kossie recognises that a fruitful life comes from a varied, fulfilling day. It is for this exact reason that Kossie is so passionate about sharing a love for living and a passion for self-improvement with women across the capital and beyond.

No matter whether you are soaking up the city culture, hunting for innovative business ideas or simply spreading positivity throughout your life, Kossie is your London based lifestyle magazine and a friend you can trust for the best advice.

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